Snow and Gijan

Date: 01/31/1999 at 05:11
From: Snow Is So Sweet
To : Everyone
Subj: Snow and Gijan

To stop a rumour before it starts I am letting you all know a little piece of our life.
Gijan my husband has found over the past few years a Protege my sister and friend Anniara
as most of you know this i will continue. Over time they grew fond of each other as I knew
was happening. I did nothing knowing that she helped to keep him happy. Tonight he informed me
that they had come to love each other. Seeing no other way out I offered a cure.
Gijan and Anniara are married to each other as I am married to him. Please do not pity or try
and comfort me (laugh at me and I will see you die) for it was in my wishes to that this
took place. It is only because I love my husband for he is my air that I breathe and my fire
between my loins. As Ann is my sister of both clan and of guild we can accept that Gijan
is easy to Love. I hope that you all will wish them the best and offer support.
To those Men out there who find themselves in similar positions I doubt that you will have
as easy a time as Gijan did. You should Love your wives for they are there for eternity.
Don't think that because Gijan can do it that you can for this is very special circumstances.
Congrats Gijan and Anniara on your bond to each other!!

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Aeguary, in the year 211 AF.