I was in love with my own statue

Date: 10/20/2017 at 07:37
From: Pusahe, of Targossas
To : Everyone
Subj: I was in love with my own statue

How it used to fill me with pride
To gaze upon my likeness up so high
But now a shame I cannot hide
I yearn to tear it down with all my might

For I have changed as you've not yet seen
By you, your parting words, enlightenment
Jerked me into a realm I've never been
Suddenly, so clear, what existence meant

My pride my knowing had so blinded me
Fitted the whole world in my narrow head
A greater solipsist no other could ever be
No greater judge, nor greater fool, alive or dead

I curse they who erected this abomination
For praise was ever more deceitful than blame
Led me to feel like the queen of nations
Only now, thanks to you, I know we're all the same

Igonorance as they say is truly bliss
Would that I led my whole life so assured
Knowing, transcendent and quick to dismiss
Unlike now, feeling small and not a little unsure

Despite so, inside of me, I know I want this
A whole new world, now unknown, for me to attend
Each step, each person, I would not miss
This time, no more, would I care to transcend

My only regret, my love, is the cost of this gift
Losing you to me will always be a bitter exchange
Yet I know, this loss, this pain, this voided rift
Is the force that powers thru and left me changed

I may have lost you my love
But you've given me the chance to love the world
Hear me now oh Gods above
My last prideful proclamation - Watch me unfurl!

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Glacian, in the year 754 AF.