The stranger

Date: 03/09/2014 at 04:18
From: Warlock Jonesey, the Reflector
To : Everyone
Subj: The stranger

I've been told my poems are short, so here's a long one....

It's about you and I call it The stranger. Feel free to send me some feedback

You've always been there. Whenever I glance across from me I see you.
But you do not know me at all and I just admire from a far.
Loneliness is the only path I've known but my cold heart longs for your warmth.
Someday my wits will grow to approach you. Maybe today. I'll add to my list of things to do.

Today has finally arrived where I muster all my courage to speak.
I look around this crowded room of strangers and see your familiar face.
I begin to tremble, the nerves are overtaking my composure.
Every step closer unravels my plans as if I have been sinking down in sand.

Inch by inch I make my way to you, I become entranced by your fragrance.
Losing myself deep in the plot my mind has laid out, my approach stalls.
How do I say hello, what would we talk about, will she think I am boring.
Thoughts of my insignificance run through my mind, I bury them deep in a place you will not find.

Only meters away from you now, another man stands in front of me speaking with you.
I remain cool and play it off, walking away shaking my head knowing my moment has gone.
When will my time come to express myself to you, impress you and show you my world.
Maybe tomorrow...

But no, this cannot be my fate, to finally put on my brave face and inhale.
I fall back into the room where I hope no one notices my missteps and I wait.
The walls close in, my goal seems so distant, How can I bring myself to do this.
Reality escapes me as my mind paints pictures of you that would make the greatest of artists envious.
My mind has become a cell where I am trapped, but at least in my mind, I am not alone for I have you.

All hope has left me, I start to make my way to the entrance, satisfied in my progress, yet disappointed.
I collect myself to make my exit and then to my disbelief you call out to me.
This cannot be reality, you do not know who I am and I have only stalked from a distance.
I ignore the call assuming that my mind has wandered off once again into my false realities.
Then I feel a tugging at my sleeves, and I turn around and you are there. I freeze.

You tell me you've seen me before and was hoping I would introduce myself.
Foolishly I nod my head, neither agreeing or disagreeing, just nodding.
The time has come for me to respond but there are no words in creation to express myself.
As I look at you and you look at me, I wish to preserve this moment for all eternity.

My entire life was geared to this moment, yet I feel ambushed, unprepared and naked.
I stare at you blankly with nothing but fear in my eyes and you shock me with a simple smile.
The moment I have been waiting for has arrived and I cannot be vocal with a response,
I blink hard and rub my eyes, hoping to stop time and space itself to give me a moment to think.
When I open my eyes you are gone and I have awoken in bed staring at my wall.
I roll over and am shocked to see that my dreams have become reality.

You've always been there. Whenever I glance across from me I see you.

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Ero, in the year 649 AF.