What the Foozle?

Date: 02/08/2014 at 03:42
From: Rhymer Sabah Berhanu
To : Everyone
Subj: What the Foozle?

Everyone hears Tharos shout
Must mean there's a game about
A tumblerace or bandersnatch?
XP event, capture the flag?

First a snarky jibe or two
Is he making fun of you?
Don't let his gossip get you down
He always brings the fun to town!

Foozle's on, he declares
Join in now if you're not scared
Three minutes til time to go
See how many creatures you know!

Ogres and crabs are easy to find
Search the Pash for butterflies
Come on, check your foozle card
If you're lucky, it won't be hard

Madelyne's zoo's a place to start
But to catch the ones who aren't a part
Gotta rack your brain to find
Creatures and monsters of every kind

Vultures, treekin, this card's on lock
Cerberi in the Great Rock
Foozle submit to up your score
Catch all five for two times more

Got another foozle card?
Ur'Vampire will leave you scarred
Dream horrors are for the brave
In Moghedu you'll find the slaves

Perl's got an opossum
If she's not here, just search the Dun
Ferzels got you turned around?
Check Delmarin, deep underground

Two minutes left! So little time
Pass if they're too hard to find
Foozle one or two creatures more
Then it's time to check your score

Turn that frown upside down
You may not have gained renown
But foozle's still the greatest fun
We're all waiting for the next one!

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Daedalan, in the year 647 AF.