Inner Turmoil

Date: 01/15/2014 at 00:17
From: Caoimhaen
To : Everyone
Subj: Inner Turmoil

The following is a poem I wrote while I was in Mhaldor

Inner Turmoil

by Caoimhaen

Evil is not the truth,
I fight nail and tooth,

Good is still inside me,
Good I wish not to see,

Fear unending,
They will kill me,
crush my spirit,
If they find out what I am,

My head head is spinning,
they will be upon me,
Why do I fear them so?
I dont fear the hoards of heathens,
perhaps it is my pride,

my weakness is pride,
my weakness is conscience,
my insides squirm as I think to tell them,
they will crush me,
make me do things that will hurt me,

suffering makes you stronger,
fear the one with the deep green eyes,
please dont hurt me anymore,
I cant take this anymore,

I am in spiritual and physical agony,
I do this to myself,
Gods make it end,
I beg you,

the confusion,
truth and lies,
the real part of me truly dies,

end it all,
turn back the clock,
to that one day when I was a rock,
sanity, when did you leave me?
I am dying, dying, dead.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Aeguary, in the year 645 AF.