Date: 10/29/2013 at 03:34
From: Sentinel Raven Khangar, Serial-Killer
To : Everyone
Subj: Moongate

I see before me an old oak tree,
But no normal tree this be,
For this tree grown great 'fore me
Made of moonlight and stars, tis he

For this great starry moonlight oak,
Wearing moonbeams like a cloak,
Light rising off branches like smoke,
Turned to me, and then he spoke.

In this forest you will find,
No more, no more of my kind.
For greed, around man's heart, did wind
And twisted his once faithful mind.

For long ago, in this great place,
A group of men did deface,
They burned and chopped to take our grace,
And so I am the last of my race.

So take my words and hold them near,
For everything that you hold dear,
May last a day, or many a year,
But just like that, may disappear.

Just like both my kith and kin,
Over man's mind the greed did win,
And though this forest, our home has been,
No more will you find herein.

For they were taken long ago,
Their sprawling branches white as snow,
No more do the Moontrees grow,
Nor light the land with their glow.

The Moontrees once stood proud and tall,
Growing, watching over all,
But the Moontrees, they did fall,
Downed by greedy neanderthals.

In this forest, once so great,
Moonlit trees, touched by fate,
Guarded this once pearly gate,
Now, tis just I, filled with hate.

For the Gate, you see, still stands,
Affording passage from the lands,
From great mountains to distant sands,
Cloaked in starry, silver bands.

But 'ware the Gate, for should you look,
You'll be read as if a book,
Every villan, every crook,
To the very bone be shook.

For if into the gate you see,
Reflected back is what you be,
No cover ups, no final pleas,
Tis not what you might forsee.

For this Gate shows the truth of things,
What happiness to you, truly means,
Whether fame or pride or shiny rings,
Or darker, foul, atrocious things.

So if confident you are,
Look into this Gate of stars,
So long as your heart be not at war,
The gate within will take you far.

But heed my warning, friend or foe,
What you think, you do not know,
The final Truth the gate will show,
Whether it be glee or woe.

Strong or weak, dull or smart,
See if your flaws you are to thwart,
Or if they shall tear you apart,
See the truth within your heart.

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Mayan, in the year 638 AF.