The Mariner

Date: 10/28/2013 at 04:28
From: Sentinel Raven Khangar, Island-Hopper
To : Everyone
Subj: The Mariner

I once heard tale of a fisher and mariner,
Who returned from his years at sea.
This fisher, they said, was no human,
I was told he was God of the Sea

So I spoke to this great mariner,
This Figure, this Legend, this Myth,
I intended to find the truth of him,
And so I spoke to him forthwith.

But when this Legend did speak,
His voice was that of a man.
And to me, he said, "Come here boy."
"Come here, and hold out your hand."

So I did as the old hermit asked,
I offered my hand to this God,
And he said, "Why have you come to me?"
To which, "I think you a fraud."

Now the truth was a matter quite diff'rent,
For this man I took for no fool.
And while I stood before him and lied,
He most likely thought me a tool.

But then the old man laughed a laugh,
Twas a laugh that was filled with such life.
"I am no God of the Sea, boy.
The Sea is simply my fief."

"You see, boy." He said quite sincerely,
"The Sea is beholden to none,
As fickle as Nature herself,
As unyielding as rays of the Sun."

And as he went on of his Love,
Of sea, and of ships, and of crews,
I saw him for what he was,
And saw that his tale was no ruse.

For He was a lonely young man,
Trapped in a body of old,
Never to fall in love,
But every day, beauty, to behold.

For the Sea was his only true love,
Yet She would never return,
No matter how long he did wait,
No matter how long he did yearn.

For he was no God of the Sea,
He was not Legend, nor Myth,
He was a love-struck young boy,
With no wealth and no kin and no kith.

And as I left his abode,
I pondered his love of the Sea,
And I thought to myself of beauty and Life,
And of Love and of birds and of bees.

For what is a God? What's he truly?
A Lord? A ruler? A king?
Not he, this God a lover,
To romance and life he did cling.

And to this end he'd become,
All that he has been today,
But all his regrets are but none,
Though he's old and he's tired and he's grey.

And I find myself lucky and wiser,
For, though he was old and quite blue,
I myself met a God today,
And from it I've learned to keep true.

To that which I hold to my chest,
To that which I keep near my heart,
For if you hold on to that which you Love,
Nothing can cause you to part.

For in meeting this God of a mariner,
In meeting this lover of the Sea,
I found what it was I'd been looking for.
To happiness, I'd found the key.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Glacian, in the year 638 AF.