Dragon Wings

Date: 09/30/2013 at 03:18
From: Scarlattan Arianis Obuun-Seir
To : Everyone
Subj: Dragon Wings

Following this path so darkened by
Endless sleepless nights,
Unending battles you will fight,
Each step another life.

You said "Darling, I'll be back
With gold and glory,
Don't forsake this love of mine."
But the decades come and pass,
And I hear stories,
I know that I've been left behind.

Through the Vashnars' snowy peaks you've passed,
The bells turned not your heart.
Every night feels longer than the last.
I count our days apart.

You said, "Darling, I'll be strong
Enough to protect you,
I will keep you safe from harm."
But, all I needed all along
Was just for you to
Stay here with me in your arms.

Do you think that strength is everything?
That your lonely path is key?
Do you think that you need dragon wings
To prove yourself to me?

You said, "Darling, I'll come home
When Ashaxei comes calling,
I will fly back to your side."
But although I tried to hope,
The doubt came creeping,
And sleep has slowly claimed my mind.

You walked through halls of life and death,
And Thoth knows well your name.
Now power is all that you have left,
So fight on through the pain.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Lupar, in the year 636 AF.