Date: 09/28/2013 at 09:33
From: Ellodin Longshanks, Magistrar of Battle
To : Everyone
Subj: Wake

In Matsuhama's Halls I had a thought
While strolling through the Hall of Legends there
Had those depicted more than simply fought?
For some, the answer truly was quite clear
Like Catarin, "vitem et sanguinem,"
Whose greatness made the Empire a true gem
Yen-Sorte, though he had the greatest strength
He slew Dekalb, was that his legacy's length?
I spent a fair few months without great aim
Inspired one day, I went and pierced the Veil
To see a great man who had his own tale
Han-Tolneth, Dragonmaster of great fame
Next to his life, my own just like a fly's
I listened to him speak of times gone by.

A thought sprang to my head while listening
What makes a hero different from his peers?
If I were forced to isolate one thing
I'd say that heroes all hold something dear
Lucaine loved Catarin and fought for her
As others found things that made their hearts stir
I mused upon reality sans gloss
And inspiration found in grievous loss
Like Travian Shea, spurred on by his wife's death
Who'd stretched his mortal boundaries in his rage
But misery in the end, his spirit's cage
As he expired, mourning 'neath his breath
Reflecting on this, I well understood
That not all great things end pleasant and good.

Back to the present my attention snapped
Han-Tolneth had been silent for some time
But seeing him with the great Sycaerunax
How could I not think of more modern climes?
I still expect to see white Ashaxei
The one who'd given guidance, led the way
For dragons who had championed the Gods
In giving strength and hope against all odds
When we consider things that people've done
Is not Ashaxei's story truly great?
She fought to ensure all humanity's fate
We speak of aristeia, there are none
That had such vast effects on all the world
White dragon, you were quite the shining pearl.

I went back home and sat down at my desk
My thoughts now clear, I set my quill in ink
To write with with all my soul and best express
Ideals, hopes, and dreams that once were linked
The once-great Battlelord has passed away
I know my goal, to show others His way
Through writing, try to teach and to inspire
In hopes that I can light young hearts afire
I honour He who gave me memories
I won't forget, I'll make sure they're passed on
Until the day that I am finally gone
My greatest tool not brawn, but words like these
I know my path, I'll travel down this trail
With sword and pen, so do I write my tale.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Valnuary, in the year 636 AF.