Date: 09/03/2013 at 19:53
From: Bardic Blade Galos De'Verres, Daisei of the Hold
To : Everyone
Subj: mini-bardics


They say age is but a number..if that's the case then why can 18 year
olds not wed? or have children? why can a girl in her 20's not be in
love with that 100 year old dragon?
why if it is only an number do people celebrate birthdays? it is just a

but if that's true what about time. those are just numbers ticking away
on a grain of sand. the faces of clocks have hands that grab those
numbers holding them so gently as if they could be broken. but they are
just numbers still.

if its just numbers the what of years and days like time just falling
away...why do we count anything? if numbers mean nothing why is it such
a big deal if i am 3 or 30 if this dragon is 400 going on 20...what does
it matter because numbers mean nothing. it is only people that wield
these numbers like tool or cradle them like babes some hold a single
second in their hands like it could fall through their fingers they live
in that moment fore eternity..

in our world numbers matter each ticking second has a purpose each hour
a reason each year an event so when you come down to it..age is not just
a is the time that person spent laughing or crying, singing
or fighting. age is the time that person spent with parents and children
with brothers and sisters..and for every year more it is the time that
person spent in love.

people gather together for parties and holidays. Wars and funerals.
People gather to celebrate, they also come together to morn...

emotions are so powerful that one person alone can not handle them,
we must form groups or pairs...if only to share the emotion so that we
do not fly too high or fall too low.

Emotions bring people together binding them as friends or enemies,
lovers or just passing acquaintances.

People bound together by love for each other get married. People
bound together by joy have parties or celebrate random things, those who
are sad find their comfort in the arms of each other,

emotion is a strong thing that ties the people together for what
ever reason making us all one beating mass.

Fill you heart with love and joy, then share it spread it like seeds
and let it grow until it fills each person touch their lives become a
part of the land and you will be forever remembered

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Valnuary, in the year 634 AF.