Date: 09/03/2013 at 19:52
From: Bardic Blade Galos De'Verres, Daisei of the Hold
To : Everyone
Subj: mini-bardics


have you ever looked to the sky wanting to touch a star,
to hold it to your heart and cuddle it close?

have you ever reached for the clouds wondering if they are as
soft as they seem wanting to sleep on them and dream?

have you looked to the moon inspired to greatness,
led the hearts of men to battle, to victory?

have you ever sung a song from the deepness of your soul, cried
tears into a river or shiver in the cold?

have you been hurt so bad the it changed who you are ,
been cut so deep that it left a scar?

have you ever done something to help a friend,
or an innoccent child just needing a hand?

have you ever used you eyes to judge and your mind to speak
laughed at death, or stood your ground?

have you ever tried so hard not to fail yet fell to the depths
chained by insecurities?

have you ever wanted a kiss but all you got was pain
wanted the sun and instead got rain?

have you ever looked in the mirror and seen life in your eyes
fade, or seen the awakening of a new born babe?

you can start at one point and begin to move on following
the lines of a play like lyrics to a song or you bathe in the sun swim
in the moon
knowing life ends far to soon so inspire and dream...question and fight,
live your life until your last night fill yourself with contrast of
shaded colors
and be brighter then the world around for some day you'll be feeding the

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Valnuary, in the year 634 AF.