mini-Bardics entry

Date: 09/01/2013 at 22:53
From: Bardic Blade Galos De'Verres, Daisei of the Hold
To : Everyone
Subj: mini-Bardics entry


Living in a world of shadow, no light or colour in my world.
My body frozen the air chilled no hope or happiness in my grasp. Only pain and loneliness fill me.

I have lost my inspiration, fled like a wild doe. I feel like I am nothing, because the little voice in my mind tells me so.

I stand in this crowded room and my heart beats faster then a raging river, tears pooling to my cold dry eyes, my body aching crying for relief.

Depression, Is not a joke or a game, its a dark place that feels like an empty void where nothing and no one matters. Not your city. Not your house. Not your friends or family. Not your order or your gods.

I live in a world of shadow. You may see me smile, or joke. That happiness is just a mask, covering my true nature, hiding all of the self-hate and all of the pain.

So look around you. Have you seen a person who lives in that dark place? Never quite happy and is always upset...that person you have been known to call a 'Drama Queen'?

People like me live in that dark void, all hope gone all love for anything drained away no light at the end of the tunnle only sadness..only pain....only a cold night weeping in the shadows praying for the end.

I hope you look at people in a new light now. Learn to see the signs of that pain, because one day they will be gone, whether by their hand or the hand of another and you will lose your chance, to save them.

Galos De'Verres

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Scarlatan, in the year 634 AF.