That Bottle of Gin

Date: 08/26/2013 at 07:05
From: Gamoneterik Ikterik'tek, Duskened Melody
To : Everyone
Subj: That Bottle of Gin

Dusky and blurry,
The night started early,
As on flamed chariot you rolled in.

Marred like the stars,
With a thousand odd scars,
From the battles you only oft win.

A dragon amongst us,
Filled with a bloodlust,
And desire to beat me at chess.

We crammed in the inn,
With a bottle of gin,
But no more was consumed, at a guess.

For though it was merry,
The glasses of sherry,
Were liberally poured, so I think.

And the whiskey at midnight,
We savoured with delight,
But surely no more did we drink.

Surely no more did we drink.

Though memory is hazy,
And recalling is lazy,
These Summertime binges are few.

For I need a good reason,
Do dare tempt a Siren,
To join me alone for a brew.

Only on odd days,
And only in some ways,
Do I ever lose all my control.

But I wouldn't be writing,
Confessions so biting,
Of love lost and wine consumed so,

If I always remembered,
The place last I tended,
My mounts from the previous night.

This battle of sin,
That I only oft win:
A bottle of gin,
At The Crystal Leaf Inn.

This bottle of whiskey,
That laughs so wickedly,
When I stumble around,
Trying not to be found.

Oh, if only,

The battle within,
That I only oft win:
That bottle of gin,
At the Crystal Leaf Inn,

Were a much, much easier fight.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Glacian, in the year 633 AF.