Simple Things

Date: 08/24/2013 at 18:14
From: Herenicus Coldraven, Litterateur
To : Benedomina Orzaansyn Yuridja-Keyte
Subj: Simple Things

A beautiful child of the West,
Upon a bard's query was pressed,
Now a poetic start,
'neath the eyes and the heart,
Of a muse liking simple things best.

Simplicity lies at the core,
Of climbers whose footing is sure,
Keep searching and finding,
The best ways for winding,
Up mountainous, mighty Mhaldor.

Take heed how you care for another,
Treating slaves as your sisters or brother,
No man can make solely,
Communion unholy,
Nor malignant daemons discover.

Avoid what starts Mhaldorus weeping,
Despised cartwheeling and leaping!
Make a grim genuflect,
Earn the daemon's respect,
Your simplest modesty keeping.

When drinking your sacred surroundings,
Pay heed to your heart and its poundings,
As your simple faith grows,
You will glow when it shows,
With a power profound and astounding.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Chronos, in the year 633 AF.