Mini Bardic Entry, Final. Other Two Had Errors.

Date: 08/19/2013 at 17:05
From: Precious Beholder Sunia Si'Talvace, the Monsoon
To : Everyone
Subj: Mini Bardic Entry, Final. Other Two Had Errors.

Listen to the heart of the forest,
a monsoon of emotions like myself,
I behold the catastrophy within.
Calm, somber, euphoria, melt into one.
Give into the sway of the trees so calm.
Behold the dance of the animal in death,
Fear glazed eyes, a dark and cold abyss,
its final rasping breaths, so somber.
The smug look on the trophy hunters face.
I cant behold this atrocious act.

I look to the rustling leaves for comfort
Agony greets a new, welcome day.
The sun lights the candle to my heart,
New undarkened love, euphoria sets in.
Feel the glistening rain drops on my skin.
A new emotion, what is this soothing feel?
The warmth is replaced by a draining sadness.
The evening greets me with a blanket of clouds.
Cover up these cold emotions.
Leave me not this way, please!
I am a monsoon of emotions,
A great beholder, but I cant behold this all.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Scarlatan, in the year 633 AF.