Poetry Studies

Date: 08/19/2013 at 10:48
From: Herenicus Coldraven, Versifier
To : Everyone
Subj: Poetry Studies

"Dunce Cap" (Self-righteousness, Opt. 4(a)(v))

Scolded and souring,
Glared-at and glowering,
His bit-tongue, devouring,
On a stool in the corner,
A moping self-mourner,
Our frowned-upon foreigner,
Intestinally twisting,
For friends, preexisting,
Yet somehow persisting.

"Haiku #1" (Drunkenness, Opt. 4(a)(v))

Drinking lubricates,
The parts that have grown rusty,
And the floor beneath.

"Constant Companions" (Melancholy, Opt. 4(a)(v))

Our Regret and Ambition,
Like two lepers en soiree,
Wear eau decomposition,
'neath a sickly-sweet bouquet,
Richly-dressed and ashen-gray.

"More Than" (Metered poem, Opt. 4(a)(i))

You break a heart to smithereens,
And give the lie to lesser queens,
More deeply than a dagger plunged,
An arrow flown, or lances lunged,
You resonate like ringing bells,
With silver words and golden tells,
A mystery but even so,
A living goddess here below.

I love you once, I love you twice,
And two "I-love-you's" ought suffice.

"Sailing" (Rhyming poem, Opt. 4(a)(ii))

Lady, still you linger here and yet I play my part,
Weakness stays the reckoning that wisdom begs us start,
I pretend that we are sailing every time I close my eyes,
And smell the air, the ocean, as we wear this sad disguise,
Loose your honest laughter, let it ring from stem to stern,
And knowing nothing of your lips, I want so well to learn,
Standing at the railing with all loneliness ashore,
Daring distant oceans that we haven't sailed before,
And blindfolded, you love me, our imaginations free,
We might as well acknowledge no two hearts could nearer be,
When crafting these illusions no distractions can I bear,
Lovesickness is senseless like some starving millionaire,
Yet reality is ruthless, whispers we are not at sea,
And salty, soggy wretchedness has more in store for me.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Miraman, in the year 633 AF.