Soul's Shadow - entry for mini-bardics

Date: 07/21/2013 at 04:28
From: Gatekeeper Lycienne De'Verres
To : Everyone
Subj: Soul's Shadow - entry for mini-bardics

A glance, words exchanged was all it took
Closed am I, yet you read me like an open book.
"Of Glass", the meaning of my name...what a coincidence.
My Soul's Shadow.

Eyes, windows to the soul you betray me
With every gaze that falls, was this fated to be?
How could this come to pass, you melt my icy facade.
My Soul's Shadow.

Friend, dearest to my heart you have become
Vessel of my Soul, gladly given to you we are as one.
A bond you did form, I feel the pulse of your being.
My Soul's Shadow.

The name I bestowed upon you in our early days
You know the meaning, a consequence of a prophetic daze?
Coincidence...or perhaps Fate, I dare not contemplate.
My Soul's Shadow.

As a mist you are, enshrouding like a gentle caress
Potential to be a bitter chill, warmth to me you are nothing less.
Inhaled in breath, you see that which eludes everyone else.
My Soul's Shadow.

Now your presence I feel no longer, only your memory
Echoes of your voice, shadows of your form to keep company.
My tears do fall, both in contentment and sorrow.
My Soul's Shadow.

Your reminiscence fuels my strength, your wisdom and love at heart
My soul mate, dare I utter? Side by side not ever to part.
Platonic, an unrequited love you once did whisper.
My Soul's Shadow.

Without you I would be lost, heart clamped in tendrils of ice
Now my heart blazes, accepting of Lady Love's realm...what a surprise.
Within Her teachings I did find, answers and courage to feel in depth.
My Soul's Shadow.

A life's gift you are, to be forgotten unimaginable
I despair in your absence, your love makes living a shade tangible.
As a shadow, from me never to part we travel in unison.
My Soul's Shadow...always.

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Mayan, in the year 630 AF.