To my wonderful friend and her husband.

Date: 06/13/2013 at 06:47
From: Poetic Monk Sunny Ashaela, Xuesheng of the Hold
To : Everyone
Subj: To my wonderful friend and her husband.

This poem is for Nienne and Chiendo may you always find happiness in it. Congrats and good luck.

The finding of a love.

There is a song I have heard about,
The song of love it is without doubt.
You two have found it that is clear,
You hold eachother very dear.

This song I hear first began,
With a smile and a wave of your hand.
Now you are wed and very happy,
Surrounded by your loved ones as the clap thee.

A new adventure you must depart,
The kiss was the but the start.
An adventure happy and true,
Full of joy and strife and much I love you.

To walk this new journey you must be hand in hand,
Else when knocked down you will not stand.
This journey is full of fun and pain,
But to walk it there is much to gain.

And as this song has just begun,
We pray that it leads you through lots of fun.
That you will always be happy no matter what,
I know that you will be I can feel it in my gut.

And although this poem must end,
You can always read it again and again.
To remind yourselves whats always beent true,
The momment that you first said I love you.

Glacian 10th, 627 AF:

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Mayan, in the year 627 AF.