Date: 04/05/2013 at 21:25
From: Priestess of the Wilde, Noristae Snowhunter Derhen-Weltsdown
To : Everyone
Subj: Everything

What do you see, when you gaze upon the wide open sea?
Waters abound, all around, they surround.
Dangers untold, above and below,
Tritons and leviathans, swim to and fro,
Seeking to sink, those who tresspass their home
They'll ne'er care naught for what reason you roam.
Caught splitting water up on the prow,
They'll attack to kill all along the bow.
From bow to aft, The sea seeks to claim,
Hope not to be maimed, best find a safe raft.

What do you hear, while listening to the river?
Rushing by with rapids, forceful.
Tearing balance and ferries, the water takes control.
Smooth in some spots as it levels out,
It turns and bends, offering shelter and haven
To those driven out, or to those simply craven.
There is no shame, in knowing a challenge too rough,
Seeking a longer path to the same bluff.
The destination never changing,
Does it matter the ranging?
Time marches on, from day to day.
Sometimes tis better to take the long way...

Have you stopped still by the lake?
Just a moment or ten to contemplate?
The wind still and silent, the water still moving slow.
Stirred up by the moon above, or the critters below.
A pebble tossed in, ripples abound,
So much echoes away, from such a soft sound.
A Mirror polished surface,
granted smooth by Nature's grace.
A spot to study and consider,
Mayhaps a fishing place?

A gentle current of air,
catches just under my wings,
lifted so far above,
so many petty things.

Granted Freedom from Oaths, Forsaken by the holder,
I find myself moving onward, simply the bolder.
An Oath too many asked
A Line to be crossed.
A Betrayal demanded, ignoring the cost.
It happened so early, far much much too soon.
And yet, with my heart released...
I'll consider it but a boon.

A city of Good grows in the East.
A city of Evil stands strong in the West.
Oppress or Repress. How does the training go?
I wonder if Balance will still be maintained
When the Mirrors crack? Can they be sustained?

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Valnuary, in the year 622 AF.