The Clockworker's Nightmare

Date: 04/03/2013 at 14:01
From: Somerled Ren'Thirok, Stormblade of Cyrene
To : Everyone
Subj: The Clockworker's Nightmare

Tick - Hands that form a marker of time tremble
Tock - Sweat glistens upon his brow as his heart begins to beat faster
Tick - Breathing becomes harder, and his thoughts begin to swirl
Tock - His muscles ache, his bones become weary
Tick - His eyes go in and out of focus, they blink rapidly
Tock - Disjointed rhythms pound in his head, conjoining into chaos
Tick - A primal scream lets loose from his pallid, chapped lips
Tock - His hands have gone numb, his fists clench and unclench
Tick - His blood runs cold, an icy river in his veins
Tock - Breathe in(tick)-out(tock)-in(tick)-out(tock)-in(tick)-out(tock)
Tick - A dark face appears in his field of vision
Tic - A mocking grin appears, revealing sharp teeth and a charred, iron
Ti - The temperature drops, particles of ice forming upon the ground
T - The cavernous mouth opens and the face turns its somniferous eyes
The rhythms stop, leaving only cold, suffocating silence, then..
Tock - You fool, you fool, you fool
Toc - You work, you work, you work
To - But you do not know, no you do not
T - All of this work is in vain
There is no more time

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Miraman, in the year 622 AF.