Haiku and Limericks of Bardds and Cyrene

Date: 12/29/2012 at 12:54
From: Dilettante Aidok, Aspiring Lyricist
To : Everyone
Subj: Haiku and Limericks of Bardds and Cyrene


Please accept my collection of shorter verse in honour of my good city
Cyrene and house Ty Beirdd.


Snow banks line grey streets
Bright toboggan flies to gates
All my cares are lost

No Prayer:
Last drop hits my tongue
Empty vials as talons cut
Now I embrace death

Butterflies alight
Dancing by the water's edge
Admirals and pearls


There once was a dwarf in Cyrene,
Who kept his beard straightened and clean.
One trip through the snow,
Then back home he would go,
And spend a full month just to preen!

There was a young bardd in Ty Beirdd.
When ladies walked past how he leered!
One maiden quite fit
Tied him up in a pit
And said ºw^~)ÞtNow lets see how youºw^~)Þure Tie{§uçâçYed!ºw^~)Þu

There once was a good bardic missus
Who liked to cook up some strange dishes.
She said "If you begs
You'll get pink pickled eggs!"
And truth be told they were delicious!

A young bardlet climbed up with ease,
But took a hard fall from the trees.
With salve in his pack
All the way ºw^~)Þtround his back,
His broken limbs flapped in the breeze.

Young bards know when waking to day
To sing out a powerful lay.
Or when they get hit
And a puppet is knit,
Their lyres wonéÝyø§yÙt be their own to play!

May these trifles amuse or inspire you, and may my lovely city and house
continue in strong camaraderie and purpose.

Yours in song,


Penned by my hand on the 6th of Phaestian, in the year 614 AF.