To Strike an Accord

Date: 12/13/2017 at 03:21
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: To Strike an Accord

For months war raged across the continent of Sapience, the elemental conduits loosed of the bindings to their home as they sought to devour their counterparts. The emissaries, disgusted with the actions of the errant Prime Maklak in assaulting an accorded neutral ground, demanded that Achaeans must themselves aid in restoring the conduits and embassy, putting right what their ilk had put wrong.

While others ignored their demands, a stalwart few refused to do so as the citizens of Ashtan struck out against elementals upon both the Dardanic Grasslands and Yggdrasil's boughs, amassing a hoard of elemental cores to easily dwarf those of all the lesser contributors put together. Seeing the good faith shown by the Seat of Chaos, the Western Wind enacted its will upon the rampaging Mistral, stilling its rage only moments before the now-joyful conduit was assaulted by the unbound Jeramun, Flame of the World.

In the consumption of the very essence of its being and the growing elemental imbalance, Air diminished, almost vanishing entirely from Achaea and condemning its inhabitants to death by mass suffocation.

It was then that salvation came in the form of Vastar, the Skylord. Though His ineffable gaze had long been turned from the Prime Material, the confluence drew His attention as He moved to enact His Will upon the entrapped conduit. Descending to enforce the agreement forged by Ashtan, He broke the bonds woven by the raging Flame of the World, restoring the Mistral as it returned to the southern continent and denying Fire its prey. Though three conduits yet rampaged, Ashtan's position with Elemental Air was secured.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: With the destruction of the Elemental Embassy by Maklak, the collective ambassadors demanded that Achaeans repair what their kind had destroyed. Though varied plans were proposed, it was Ashtan who formed the first accord between the Prime Material Plane and Elemental Air with the restoration of the Mistral and its subsequent rescue from destruction by Vastar, the Skylord.

Penned by My hand on the 4th of Aeguary, in the year 759 AF.