The Blood

Date: 10/19/2017 at 18:03
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Blood

It began with a command.

The Lord of Evil had grown tired of the undead that stood guard in the streets of His city. His task to the Lord Marshal Cresil Artistata was to see them removed, and for the beings known as the Khaal to take their place. From this began a search that would see the Mhaldorian Minister of War traversing the City of Evil in search of enlightenment. Many days passed, with no small number featuring visits to the cantankerous Priest of Malevolence, Zoci to seek guidance. The Priest, begrudgingly, told Cresil what he knew of the Khaal, relating their fixation with blood magics, and particularly the power that the blood of daemons brought them.

Enlisting the aid of the Legate Dragoon Hataru, and the Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption, Ysela, the Lord Marshal gathered a number of powerful Apostates to take part in a summoning ritual. The Mhaldorians attempted, and resoundingly failed, at garnering any contact with the Khaal. With the setback still fresh in their minds, and at the suggestion of Ysela to seek out the Insidium Ritualist, Skaadi, they theorised that the failure was likely due to the blood offering not yielding enough raw power to draw them out. It was then they settled on their next ritual plan.

With renewed vigour, Cresil once again gathered a cadre of Aposates consisting of Alrena Lichlord, Warden of the Red Isle, Commandant Aegoth Aristata, Nylian, Augur of Intrigue, and the Purifier Zackery Aristata. He also pressed into service the Arch Deacon Maljer, to act as the unignorable daemon bait. With the remaining citizens standing guard within the summoning chamber, the ritualists carried out their roles, slaying the minor daemons, allowing their blood to fill the channels of the pentagram. It was not until the Arch Deacon - with a nonchalance found only in beings of the Infernal outer planes - sliced open a vein with a black talon, allowing his blood drain into the centre of the pentagram, that the chamber fell silent before erupting into a conflagration of unholy flame. Yet as quickly as they came, the flames faded, replaced by a cacophony of voices, speaking in a mocking tone to all gathered, introducing themselves as the Khaal.

The Lord Marshal conversed with the unseen beings, seeking to find a bargain suitable for both parties. It was not until the Unholy Sister, Emalaith who had slipped into the chamber unseen, stepped forward and took command from the beings behind the voice, who she named as Telsirath that a purpose to the talks took shape. Though caught off guard by the revelation, Cresil regained his composure and began the discussion with the Khaal leader, finally agreeing that the Mhaldorians would remove the liches that guard their streets by force, and the remains would be given to the Khaal to do with as they pleased. The Khaal would also be given access to the Arch Deacon and his powerful blood, to be used by Emalaith. With the terms accepted, the Jagganath Proficy displayed a magnificent display, slaughtering the undead mages without regard, in what could only be called a massacre.

As the last lich fell, a pleased Emalaith stated that their part of the bargain would be upheld and with those words the gathering dispersed. As promised, it was less than a day later before a disfigured, robed man appeared at the city gates of Mhaldor, naming himself as a Theurgist of the Khaal.

Penned by My hand on the 1st of Glacian, in the year 754 AF.