The Reckoning

Date: 07/11/2014 at 16:16
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Reckoning

From the writings of O'ising:

Out of all the Conclave members, I was the best equipped to analyse Maklak. Only one with unknown surprises would challenge the might of Yudhisthira, and we had to know of them before it was too late. Still, the scouts I sent from Aran'riod to keep watch never returned with news of note. Certainly nothing to prepare us for the unleashing of the Relics of Proteus upon the world.

And yet, he used that power to assault Haag and steal the sceptre, treading on every ideal the Conclave has ever held. We knew of his deep-seeded hatred for the Flame of the World, Jeramun, but we never imagined he would betray everything in an attempt to finish him off. Yet, he did, and caught us all by surprise. The faults of the Conclave had put the world in danger, and it was the most shameful experience of my life.

Still, Yudhishthira proved himself the only correct being to lead us. Maklak walked with the gathered power of all of those facets infused into the sceptre, and still the dragon kept ahold of his frayed mind to focus his rage only on the Ice Mage. He fought valiantly and with enormous power, but he was unprepared. We thought Maklak dead, slain by dragonfire, but he rose back to life instead, casting down Yudhishthira with all the power of the sceptre. How ironic that the Relic Lifegiver would be partially responsible for taking our leader's life away.

Maklak crowed in triumph, even after being chased away by Jeramun, demanding the subservience of Hycanthus and myself. We denied him. Denied his ambitions, denied his lack of honour, but the power of the sceptre he held was too much. He encased us in his ice, imprisoned us, and forced us to suffer through his actions. We watched as he froze the Istar Jungle and its inhabitants without a care, watched as he began to do the same to the Vents of Hthrak.

We watched, and despaired, for we were powerless to prevent it.

There was still hope. At the same time, adventurers flooded the isle of Polyargos, some to slaughter Torrid Rakia as she went mad from the loss of Yudhishthira, others to protect the faithful guardian. Our spirits soared as Rakia escaped her would-be murderers, aided by Yudhishthira's brave allies that had brought him victory in the Reckoning. Maklak suffered defeat, and was enraged by it.

And then came Sycaerunax. Winging toward the Vents, we believed he would take revenge for the loss of another of his brethren, destroying Maklak. But what he had in mind was of greater import than anything we could've dreamed of. The actions of our leader culminated in his ultimate wish, his only desire for hundreds of years. Yudhishthira roared out his triumph as the Father of Dragons bestowed the soul of a Greater Dragon into him, briefly rushing into the Parthren Gare before returning.

Then we watched in triumph as the Greater Dragon Yudhishthira utterly and completely defeated Maklak, taking the sceptre and removing the magical ice that encased us. Our leader summoned us to him, as bold and powerful as a human as he was a dragon, standing behind the still-smoking frame of Maklak, and declared the Ice Mage would spend a century in captivity. It was a shame to see him depart so soon, first to find a proper prison for Maklak, and then to search for more Relics, but the wait was well worth it. Now he is returned to his proper place in Polyargos, and ready to lead the Conclave to greater heights than ever before.

All hail Yudhishthira!

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Scarlatan, in the year 659 AF.