The Reliquary of Proteus.

Date: 07/01/2014 at 21:57
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Reliquary of Proteus.

Brethren of the Conclave, our efforts have finally borne fruition!

Ever since we first uncovered clues that pointed to the existence of the Reliquary of Proteus, I have had my magma wyverns tunneling, searching for any hint of the location, decades now of nothing but earth, rock, and bones. Although fraught with strife and loss, the advent of the Worldreaver seems to have been serendipitous for our work.

The destruction of the Worldreaver's burrowing Dala'myrr weakened the securities about the famed vault, and the telltale footprint of great power was revealed to us, its tremendous presence ringing through the earth no longer concealed, calling to my exploratory servants like the chime of the feeding bell.

I am proud to say that at long last we have reached and breached the walls of Proteus' Reliquary!

Thanks to the disruption of Bal'met, the Protean secrets are at last within our reach, and ours are the first eyes in millenia to regard the wonders, excluding those of the Guardian. It will take many years before we know the details of the contents, inventory must be done with great care, experimentation with even greater caution. The Relics must be assumed to be incredibly powerful, if not downright dangerous; we can assume that it was not without reason that Proteus locked these away from the world.

The worms of Bal'met have caused extensive damage, but we've been able to piece together some of the mural that covered the outer doors. While the colours are leached by time, I believe it tells that before rejoining with Ayar to become the Logos, Proteus tasked Kaphlos, the eldest son of His most loyal Aldar to guard the produce of His research, His Relics. Interred within the sacred space include such items now revealed to the world as the warhammer Earthshaker and the Lifegiver ring, one that will cause the very ground to tremble when it is swung, the other granting a resurgence of life when circumstances appear most dire.

It may be needless to state this, but I shall do so anyway. The Relics are artefacts and weapons of Proteus' manufacture, some were last wielded upon Nishnatoba during the Chaos Wars, others were never deemed safe enough to ever see the light of day or night. Proceed with caution, my brethren, it has served us well thus far.

- An excerpt from Yudhishthira's Research on the Reliquary, 624 AF.

Penned by My hand on the 3rd of Lupar, in the year 658 AF.