The Reckoning

Date: 06/02/2014 at 04:26
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Reckoning

It was frigid in the wizard's tower of ice, the perpetual state for the tundra, but his ambitions burned. Sick of waiting and watching, tired of the empty promises from the southern leader, 656AF was going to be his year to do something. That fat dragon cared only for wealth and buffalo, his glory days of work and experimentation now filled with blood and petty desires. More beast than genius, it was time for Yudhishthira to step aside. At least, these were the reasons Maklak gave me when I asked him later- that one always has had a flair for the dramatic.

It didn't take long before a chill breeze licked over Sapience, gusting from the northern expanses, banishing the warm tendrils of spring and carrying with it the challenge of the Ice Wizard.

"Yudhishthira," he cried, "You languish in that seat of power doing naught with the responsibility except fawning and admiring your scales."

For the first time in mortal ken, we, the Conclave, were to undertake a Reckoning, a period of trial to decide who will hold the position of leader of our notorious band of sages.

Somewhere in my library I kept the Rules of the Reckoning, signed by each of us centuries ago. I've dug it out, dusted away the detritus of time upon the shelf, and readied the record of allegiance that will tally the city and rogue declarations. I will note all who assist in the writing of this historic event.


Esteemed members of the Conclave, the Rules of the Reckoning.

- Challengers have a period of twenty eight months in which to demonstrate their worthiness.

- The creatures of Sapience are to be their tools.

- Those who believe themselves outside the purview of the Reckoning will be given no quarter by any of the Conclave.

- Neither challenger will attack the other bodily whilst the Reckoning is underway, the Conclave does not brawl.

- All are bound by the result, there is no appeal.


As rampant as juicy gossip, the hasty discussions whispered through my home, spreading out like ripples on a pond to the settlements, there are big decisions to be quickly made. As is traditional, my brethren offer hefty rewards for those who would declare allegiance and fight on behalf of Fire or Ice.

Rains of hail and ash have started to fall, drawing the battle lines across the world.

In the words of the Swamp Witch, Haag, "... life is going to get interesting for the next couple of years."

- the Conclave wizard, Hycanthus

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Aeguary, in the year 656 AF.