Loose Morals, Tight Purse-Strings

Date: 05/03/2014 at 21:41
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Loose Morals, Tight Purse-Strings

From the reports of Amose Swayvor:

In the early summer of 653, I was invited to share a tankard of cider with the near-infamous Superintendent of Petra himself. "Bring quill and parchment," he suggested gruffly beforehand.

Had I not been living through the tale he told me for the last year, I'd scarce have believed him. Dead queens, curses, Tsol'teth... it was a regular children's bedtime story, and I have the pleasure to recount it here for you now.

With the resounding success of the Karrellan Estate Auction, something bad had to happen, and boy did it ever: in threes, as these things tend to do. Wailing citizens of Ashtan and Eleusis beset the citizens of Petra, lamenting curses, strange songs, cold breezes, and odd smells.

The tinker, as instructed, kept the Superintendent's desk clear of these cares. The rebuild needed his full attention, and between the old xoran, Janice the harlot, and an acquaintance of Drucker's, the unfortunate situation was handled in a timely fashion, without a single refund being issued!

(Reporter's note: The Superintendent felt that the last statement was of great import, and garnered my assurance that it would be included.)

It turns out that, years ago, the famed Sarranda de Luiois, of old Ashtani birth, who became Sarranda de Luiois Karrella after marrying Batlin and restoring him as Lord of Sangre Keep, made use of an old Tsol'teth working to conjure forth creatures from the Underrealm, with which she attempted to lay siege to the Bastion and secure her position as queen.

It is said that a whisper of her old madness is what afflicted the cities, carried into Ashtan by the Shadow Matrix, Jarrod Lucoster, and to Eleusis by Xae Cholla'Yi and Melodie Le'Murzen.

Tinkers, as is their trade, tend to get about the land, meeting people, swapping goods for gold, for promise, for story, or even in barter. Drucker, being one of these fortunate folks, had heard from a vagrant's cousin's second ex-mistress, a rumour of a whispered someone, a someone who might be able to assist. And so he enquired and engaged, and finally arranged a meeting or three.

Without breaking any confidentialities, I can report that the echoes of the old magic have been swept away, and what lingers within the keep is confined to those great stone walls.

Just a month later, my invitation to drink in the newly renovated bar of Petra's Horseshoe Inn arrived in the hands of a grubby child. I'd recommend you all visit and try the new fare!

Amose Swayvor
Citizen of the World

Penned by My hand on the 14th of Glacian, in the year 653 AF.