The Expansion of the Den

Date: 03/08/2014 at 06:24
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Expansion of the Den

A shrill scream echoed across the land, originating from within the Ivory Tower. An intruder had stormed through the gates and torn through the defenses of the Champions, an avalanche of terror that slaughtered everything in his path. Gil, the Quisalis Enforcer had been unleashed.

As he made it up to the final landing, Atlantia and Faiza stood shoulder-to-shoulder, ready to face him. Cackling madly, he dodged the arrow shot by the atavian and hit her with a mighty thrustkick, sending her flying back into her chamber. Faiza attempted to attack on her own, but the crazed rajamala simply took the slashes to his chest and clutched the scimitars there, viciously headbutting the Flowing Robes Champion with enough force to send her skidding into the same room as Atlantia.

He paused and doubled over, face clutched in his bloodied paw as he shook with mirth, his laughter resonating throughout the entirety of the almost empty tower. Atlantia struggled to her feet as Gil cast aside the scimitars, the ruined flesh mending in a few heartbeats. Moments later, he rushed forward and axekicked the prone Faiza repeatedly, mercilessly, even though the first had taken her life, until Atlantia shot him with multiple arrows, forcing him to stagger backward.

An eruption of kai energy disintegrated the arrows and healed the Enforcer, and he began to approach the lone Atlantia. But at that moment, Jinsun, a Quisalis Assassin arrived, followed quickly by the Champion Ellodin Longshanks. The presence of an Ivory Champion distracted Gil, and he rushed to attack, forgetting the leader entirely. Jinsun was not so easily distracted, and began his own assault on Atlantia, followed soon after by Xer Savril, and together they ended what Gil had come to do. The leader of the Ivory Mark perished.

The Quisalis Enforcer, however, soon met the same fate, falling before the combined might of Ellodin and Iakimen.

Stefanos Bladesong, Lieutenant of the Assassins took the opportunity to taunt the Ivory Mark, notifying them of the expansion of the Quisalis Den, and inviting them to their deaths. It was not long before the Champions arrived, killing all of the Quisalis in their path before meeting Stefanos, and swiftly ending his life. They continued their slaughter, but soon were confronted by the Keeper of Nishnatoba, who tore through the party with ease, killing most and forcing the rest to retreat.

It was a short-lived reprieve, for they would gather up their allies and return to battle the Quisalis again. The Silent Executioner and the Avenging Arrow Champion both claimed many lives over the course of the battle, representing their titles well, and the caverns flowed with the blood of both ally and enemy until both sides tired of it. Stefanos returned from the Halls of the Dead with a smile, and thought toward the future.

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Scarlatan, in the year 649 AF.