The Return of Lord Twilight

Date: 02/16/2014 at 17:24
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Return of Lord Twilight

The cleric hurried down the shadowed halls of the mountain complex, attempting to avoid the vibrations that echoed throughout the cultists' compound and the surrounding Valho coast. She finally found the hallowed artefact, a tetrahedral black diamond, that might turn the tide for the Order of Darkness. The Mhaldorians inadvertently delivered the tetrahedron to the coast after it attracted their attention, and now the black diamond coaxed for more to follow. Ayleth Mercadia and Kaitali Jinx also responded to the beckoning thrum of the pulsing quakes, and Sharbrena, the Cleric of Darkness, tasked them with clearing out the cultists and murkworms that infested the halls.

Soon, an assembled mass of volunteers composed chiefly of Hashani citizens arrived to assist in the endeavours. The cleric used ritual magicks to release the latent energies of the tetrahedron, permitting Vayne de Valois to grasp the diamond and place it within a triangular seal affixed to the Noxtran plinth. Having completed the eldritch seal, the tetrahedron resonated the energies between the Noxtran plinth in Valho coast and the obsidian plinth in the Darkenwood Forest, the culmination of an esoteric ritual to draw Twilight's gaze back to the Inner Planes. Charging the assembled crowd to guard the resonator, Sharbrena hurried to oversee the dark rite near the temple in the Darkenwood.

As the cleric predicted, enemies swarmed to the northern coast, beckoned by the violet-hued sparks that emerged within the skies. Eleusian warriors, Mhaldorian soldiers, and a few Targossian fighters assaulted the beleaguered allies of the Night. In the ensuing chaos, the grook Magelord, Veldrin, snatched the tetrahedron from its seal, severing the link between the two plinths. Massive fluctuations of force writhed and twisted in response to the interruptions. The raging energies of the obsidian plinth arced into the Temple of Darkness and shattered its dome. Acolytes and Arachnoi alike fled the holy grounds as the temple crumbled into itself under the weight of the uncontrollable surge. Even the cleric, beckoning the acolytes to flee, perished under the crushing weight of the stones.

The dust settled. But, for the allies of Night, nothing but loss transpired. They assembled in the Darkenwood Forest, unsure of their next steps. As hope turned to despair, tendrils of darkness rose up from the firmament, enveloping the horizon in an aphotic mass. Mist and shadow churned within the cloud, the silken voice of Lord Twilight revealing His return. Though the tetrahedron failed to act as a beacon between the two plinths, the corresponding destruction of the Elder God's temple and the death of His children did what the ritual could not: summon the attention of the Unblinking Eye of Darkness.

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Chronos, in the year 647 AF.