Change Comes to Moghedu

Date: 12/05/2013 at 00:03
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Change Comes to Moghedu

An air of excitement filled the council room of Moghedu as elders, advisors, councillors, and more than a few observers gathered in the presence of the Great Mhunna. It had been some time since a council session was opened to the public, as Sir Temelin had insisted this day.

"I have a few announcements," began the Knight Commander, his countenance stern, as all looked on with interest. He motioned to a steely-eyed mhun standing beside him. "One of our senior scouts, Madira, has recently been appointed to the position of Master Scout, and will be overseeing all scouting operations from this point forward."

A murmur rumbled through the council chamber. Only recently had women even been permitted to join Moghedu's guard, and this was certainly the first to be placed in any position of leadership! Temelin fixed each member of the council with a stern gaze, daring them to speak out against his decision. All remained silent. Nodding his approval, the Great Mhunna motioned for Temelin to continue.

"With the constant raids on Moghedu, we have been working with the outside clan, the Guardians of Moghedu, to increase recruitment, streamline our routines, and generally improve defense, particularly amongst the civilian population. From now on, you will find all mhun in Moghedu far better equipped to handle intruders.

"In addition, the mage Tatynne has begun training a trial group of elementalists, with the intent of adding magic to our arsenal. I have also disbanded the warriors, as their use of primitive spears has long been outmatched by modern weaponry. Most have already begun training with the rest of the guard."

Temelin continued his report for a few minutes longer, and the assembly began to grow restless: the Knight Commander was not known for his entertaining rhetoric. But they did not have long to wait. Soon, the resonant clang of a bell echoed through the caverns, signalling an alarm being raised. Cutting short his briefing, Sir Temelin dispatched a patrol of guards to investigate the disturbance.

As the council room emptied, he sighed to himself. Would Moghedu never be free of persecution?

Penned by My hand on the 24th of Glacian, in the year 641 AF.