Infernal Revolt

Date: 11/27/2013 at 04:33
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Infernal Revolt

Under the soaring vaults of the Black Cathedral, a malevolent army gathered to summon the portal lord, Malortis, and lead an incursion into the Inferno. For years, an insurrectionist faction of daemons had been amassing an invasion force that sent regular scouting parties to test Baelgrim's defenses.

Dreadborn Taraza led the stalwart servants of Evil to summon forth Malortis and satisfy the creature's fiendish demands. Once the portal lord had created the dangerous passage, the Mhaldorian army hurdled one by one through the planar tear to stand against three daemon generals and their fearsome legion. The invaders organised themselves and laid waste to the encampment with a trail of carnage mounting behind their every step.

Though two of his peers were slain, General Malkulor fled the camp in retreat, screaming that he would return to subjugate anyone who dared stand against him.

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Miraman, in the year 641 AF.