Nature's Blessing

Date: 09/23/2013 at 21:41
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Nature's Blessing

The sun was setting over the Ithmia, drawing the year to a close. Below, sequestered in the canopy, the villagers of Eleusis gathered.

Since the intrusion of a grotesque, chaotic hydra long ago, the village had succumbed to gloom. The once beautiful Garden of Four was reduced to mere rubble, and the beloved river temple was in ruin. Now, the villagers stood in a lush chapel upon the river, the darkness of the surroundings cast aglow by a flickering brazier at the centre of the chamber - the Flame of Nature. Before the sacred fire stood the Wildwood Queen, accompanied by Her faithful knight, Sir Cwincan.

The goddess of Nature spoke. "None other than yourselves understand Nature to such depth, and none are privy to her gifts. It is you alone that act as her revered guardians, preachers, and scholars. Your journey has been tenuous, and trying. Morale has dissolved, and the will of the many relies upon the worn hearts of the few."

"I have witnessed your plight," continued the goddess, "and I take pity."

The Queen gestured toward the heavens, allowing Her eyes to close. Wisps of silvery vapour descended upon the air, and an eerie silence fell upon the village. Slowly, the silken tendrils crawled with languid grace and curled about the foliage.

The goddess' eyes fluttered open, and She uttered a low chant. Instantly, a deep, thunderous roar thrummed through the earth. The mist within the chapel surged toward the central brazier and churned about the base, seeping into the metal and empowering the flame within and its consequences to all of Nature. The silvery vapour then rapidly withdrew, dispersing amidst the forest air.

The goddess' body slumped, the aura suffusing Her form now distorted and faint. Sir Cwincan, furrowing his brow, stepped forward, and took the goddess by the arm.

"It is done," the Wildwood Queen whispered. "The Flame burns with renewed power."

At these words, the goddess dispersed, Her strength depleted.

Penned by My hand on the 1st of Aeguary, in the year 636 AF.