The Black Lotus Battle Royale

Date: 07/25/2013 at 07:52
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Black Lotus Battle Royale

"Pharaus is taking the hits!"

Tharos, the Announcer of Delos was in his element, redolent on his purpose-built platform with refreshments to hand, and shouting at the Black Lotus combatants as they roamed the island of Ageiro. It was the 21st day of Glacian in 630 AF, and the Sect were already well into their Battle Royale; a test of strength, skill and cunning at their height of influence among other Houses.

Gathered in the viewing corrale, those already defeated in combat mingled with city mates, curious spectators, and honoured guests from far and wide - Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum, and Quoulea Arkedden among their number.

Verily Ravensong sounded the battle horn to mark a fallen Sect member as Pharaus yielded to the combined onslaught of Tzond Rousseau, Caoimhaen Abaoth, and young Disciple Shalar.

"A warrior meets defeat with good grace, even when his opponents are... less than honourable," counselled Atlantia, head of the Ivory Mark to the rueful victim.

Sifri, the Quisalis Overseer countered with her own wisdom; "Honour has no place in battle. Tell the fallen how much their honour has gained them."

"No matter what, the Lotus wins this one." Texel's words faded into general agreement, gossiping and cheering as the battle horn sounded for Shalar's death.

"And then there were two left. To the death, Lotus!" His resonant voice spurring on the final duo, the House Patron Lord Scarlatti quietly exchanged bets with Lady Ourania even as his encouragement lingered in the air.

In mere moments, though, Tharos gleefully announced, "Lords and Ladies! Grand Master Tzond has come out on top! The Battle Royale of the Black Lotus has finished!"

Clambering down from his platform, he joined the audience to witness Atlantia bestow a silver shield pin on Shalar for his impressive skill, and a silver arrow on the humble victor.

"Thank you, all." Tzond quietly turned the arrow over in his hands. Nothing further needed to be said on the matter as the powerful Sect celebrated their show of might under their leader Okk Le'Dominae's fiercely proud gaze, enjoying the rewards of battle and unity.

Penned by My hand on the 23rd of Miraman, in the year 631 AF.