Tomacula Seized

Date: 03/04/2013 at 12:19
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Tomacula Seized

Night stretched on as an old medicine woman worked quietly in a dark,
smoke-filled hut within the small village of Tomacula. Her plan was
coming together at last! Pouring a foul brew into a collection of water
skins, the medicine woman cackled as she stole into the community hut
and deposited the water skins into the supply basket for the next day.
Soon, Eritei would have what she longed for: power.

The next day, screams rang out as drugged warriors advanced across the
horse pasture, brandishing their spears menacingly at Utata and his
faithful hunters. Paralysed by fear, young Shote was hidden behind a
tree, watching in horror as the scene unfolded. He saw the chief stand
firm, bravely defying the friends-turned-enemies. He saw the few loyal
hunters of Tomacula drag their chief, bellowing in defiance, into the
nearby caves, realising they were heavily outnumbered by the drugged

Then Shote caught sight of Eritei refilling water skins from her mixing
bowl, a conniving grin upon her face. Suddenly understanding who was
behind this mayhem, Shote formed a plan. After nightfall, he gathered
his cloak and spear and slipped out into the Savannah.

Far from home, Shote crept along the quiet streets of Delos, both
awestruck by the big structures rising along the streets and purposeful
as he searched for anyone that might be able to help. When he saw Mael
Ithilien pondering some weapons, Shote dared to hope. He was not fluent
in the common tongue, and the young warrior struggled to find words for
the calamity in Tomacula. Mael quickly put the pieces together, however,
and offered to return with Shote to the village.

Quickly the pair dashed to the caves where Utata and his faithful
hunters huddled for safety. When Utata saw Shote arrive with an
outsider, his natural suspicion took over, but Mael quickly reassured
the chief, vowing to help however he could. Soon, Mael's allies
Lisbethae and Melodie arrived, and before long, Shote and Utata managed
to explain with halting words that the medicine woman had drugged the
village and staged a coup, changing the balance of power in the small

Elegnem, Tomacula's wise shaman, would prove the answer in returning
peace to the village. Around the village and the nearby Savannah, she
whispered, the outsiders would find vodun dolls buried by her hand. If
they could be unearthed, Elegnem was confident that her powerful magics
would overcome those of Eritei.

Quickly, Mael, Lisbethae, and Melodie sped to their purpose, splitting
up and hunting for the dolls. One by one, they unearthed the
dirt-covered dolls. Eritei sensed something was afoot, however, and
frantically started brewing more potions in her hut, hissing and
spitting through her teeth in a desperate race to defeat the shaman.

Elegnem, dolls in hand, began to sing and chant, manipulating the
magical ties that bound the warriors to the medicine woman and freeing
them from mindless bondage. Eritei yelled frantically from across the
village, commanding Elegnem to stop, but it was too late. Loudly Etarni
proclaimed his freedom, shaking off the effects of the drug. Across
Tomacula, warriors and villagers returned, humbled, to their chief.

The question of the medicine woman's fate remained to be answered,
however. Utata listened to the questions and deep concerns posed by
Mael, Lisbethae, and Melodie, and weighed the situation in silence,
relying on the wisdom of his years. With few words, he explained that
the village needed Eritei, Tomacula's only medicine woman. The old man
hoped that, knowing Eritei's history, the villagers would be more
vigilant and prevent any future betrayals. Despite their own
reservations, the outsiders acknowledged Utata's authority and promised
not to interfere.

Utata was immensely pleased with himself and proclaimed the trio to be
powerful allies. Rolling the foreign names around his mouth, the old
chief announced, "Mah Yul and outsiders, friends!"

Penned by My hand on the 14th of Glacian, in the year 619 AF.