The Mortality of Maya

Date: 12/21/2012 at 07:55
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Mortality of Maya

Within a candlelit corridor walked Maya, the Great Mother, and Thoth,
the Endbringer. Side by side they passed between two murals of
breathtaking beauty and detail, depicting in parallel the lives of two
mortals as they grew and advanced in life.

With concern and curiosity the God of Death regarded his companion,
whose immortality waned before his very eyes. As time seemed to reverse
upon her countenance, she had begun to resemble the Aldar of her youth,
long before the Logos raised her to godhood, centuries before she merged
with Makali, Goddess of Destruction to become the Supreme Creatrix.

"Countless souls have wandered these halls, praying for salvation from
their fate," mused Maya as they strolled along the passage. "Again and
again have I granted their prayers, rescuing them from the brink of
death and returning them to the material world, healed and whole.

"Many are they who boldly take risks that distinguish them from other
mortals. Their spirits are strong and enduring, but their bodies will

Maya paused, turning to Thoth as she spoke with finality. "To you I
entrust their guardianship."

The Endbringer frowned. Long had he ushered into the Soulrealms those
whose lives were complete, but never had he needed to turn a soul back.

"They will stand before your door," Maya continued. "Your task is to
recognise those souls whose allotted time has not yet run its course,
and turn them away, resisting selfish temptation to strengthen your own

With a silent nod, the God of Death gave his consent, and Maya returned
a bittersweet smile. "The joys of a mortal life have long been beyond my
reach," she said, "but no more. One day I, too, will stand before you."

With these last words did Maya, Mother of Humanity, draw the Veil of
Creation about herself one final time and vanish, truly mortal for the
first time since her own genesis.

Penned by My hand on the 21st of Sarapin, in the year 614 AF.