The Departure of the Logos

Date: 12/21/2012 at 07:03
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Departure of the Logos

Time slowed and stopped as Sarapis, the Logos, summoned to his presence
the souls of the brave Achaeans who had survived the battle upon
Nishnatoba that felled the terrible Bal'met.

"Achaeans. My children. This is the last time I will speak to you. The
bright sun will dim to cool embers and the stars that wheel in the night
sky will disappear before my task will be done.

"When there was no time, no spacial dimensions, nothing but myself as
Ayar, there was the Fire. Created as the first and greatest of my works,
it was through the Fire that all else was made manifest, from time and
matter to gods and dragons.

"But by doing so, by giving form to my power such that it be something
other than unfocused, raw capability, there was a cost that I paid
willingly. No longer was I all that was, and thus no longer did I have
knowledge of all that was and would be. I know what it is to experience
the limitations of lesser forms. I experienced all that Proteus did, and
in the end I absorbed his experiences into myself.

"Since that time, I have greatly relished watching Creation and all its
myriad parts, for a part of me has been able to appreciate the
incredible struggles, the glorious victories, the ignominious defeats,
the treacherous betrayals, the great love affairs, the eternal
rivalries, and the rest of the ebb and flow of your daily lives.

"And then came this Bal'met, whose existence I did not foresee, and
whose threat I did not appreciate until it was nearly too late. It is
not that I wished harm on the many that perished, divine and mortal
both, in this devastating war to end all wars. But ever have I been
content to let my creations play out as they will. If a god dies, it is
part of the turbulence of existence. All returns to the Fire from which
it was ultimately conceived.

"Destroying Ashaxei set the Fire into a state of less than perfect
resonance, but even then, I was content to watch, for this did not yet
threaten the foundations of existence. By the time Maya and I realised
what Bal'met truly planned, and what his aims had been all along, we
were nearly too late. Through Aeon's sacrifice and the courage of the
many mortals and gods who fought to defeat Bal'met, we have saved all
that has been, is, and will ever be.

"But Maya, whose sacrifice you must never forget, for she gave up the
divine to save all, was correct. Only I can repair the immense damage
that has been done to the Fire.

"All my will must be bent to this task, for already it is only through
my exertion of power beyond your ken that the Fire still burns. It shall
take me nigh unto a very lonely eternity. I must go beyond Creation to
where the Fire itself resides in all of its immense grandeur, and there
are none who can join me.

"It has been an honour surpassing any that I conceived of to have been
witness to your stories and to, occasionally, even take a small part in
them. I shall miss you all more than you know.


Then came a sense of overwhelming loss as mortals returned to their
lives, and Sarapis, the Logos, departed Creation.

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Sarapin, in the year 614 AF.