The Ruin of Bal'met

Date: 12/19/2012 at 05:11
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Ruin of Bal'met

Stormclouds rumbled and lightning struck across the wasted plain of
Nishnatoba. Far below, hundreds of demigods forged by the blessings of
the Great Mother flexed their newfound powers. Winds whipped across the
plain, and the massive, seething cloud of hatred comprising the
loathsome Bal'met flowed among the black hills. Writhing hordes of
Dala'myrr swarmed over the wastelands, seeking hungrily for anything to
sate their monstrous appetites.

Flashing with amaranthine lightning, black smoke rolled over Nishnatoba,
rising to form the recognisable images of gods lost to the raw power of
Bal'met. One by one they appeared, loathsome and corrupted beyond
measure: the many-armed shade of Indrani, the darkly beautiful form of
Selene, and the enraged, armoured shadow of Matsuhama, and more...
twelve dreadful figures, all risen at the horrifying command of Bal'met.

Swiftly the demigods spread across the plain, seeking Dala'myrr and
divine shades alike. Some were caught unaware by Bal'met's minions and,
despite their divinity, found they were not truly immortal, perishing to
the might of the enemy. But this err was seldom repeated: able to revive
themselves from near death, the demigods learned to instantly zap their
foes and purge them from Nishnatoba for good.

Soon the population of Dala'myrr began to wane and the shadowy spectres
of the fallen gods were laid to rest by the stalwart demigods. As they
roamed Nishnatoba to destroy the stragglers, some lamented that they had
yet encountered the foul god Bal'met. Even as they spoke, streaks of
etheric lightning punctuated the firmament, scorching the heavens and
illuminating, at the heart of Nishnatoba, a towering plateau girded by
seething clouds of oily black mist.

Cruel and imperious, the terrifying god Bal'met loomed upon the elevated
stage, the would-be Worldreaver bent on utter domination. For only a
moment he stood alone, but soon the gods of the Pantheon began to make
their presence known.

The din of clashing blades and dying screams echoed across the planes as
the armoured figure of Aegis appeared, his eyes focused upon Bal'met.
Humming softly in the air, a tranquil note heralded the stoic form of
Oneiros, and War and Peace took their places upon the battlefield.

Stormclouds gathered and swelled, rumbling with thunder as Vastar, the
Skylord, reclaimed their command and appeared with the other gods.
Lightning flashed and struck at his side, igniting a spark that erupted
into a fiery cyclone, revealing Artemis, Goddess of the Cataclysm.
Neraeos, God of the Sea, coalesced from a fine mist, stern of face and
resolved in purpose. With equal aplomb the luminous Goddess of the Moon,
Ourania, appeared in a swirl of celestial light.

A plume of thick black smoke billowed upon ruined Nishnatoba, churning
with eldritch fire as it parted to reveal Babel, God of Oblivion, moving
into place. Even as the smoke dispersed, cold white flame rose up,
burning brightly and leaving in their wake the pale form of Valnurana.

Golden light streamed over the ancient battlefield as the bloodsworn
gods Aurora and Deucalion manifested in measured unison, their gaze
directed singly upon the Worldreaver. In contrast to their severity, a
thrill of wicked anticipation struck deep as Pandora, Goddess of
Mischief appeared, her spirited laughter followed by the rumbling
chuckle of Prospero, God of Wealth as he stepped upon Nishnatoba.

Poignant notes of an ancient harmonic then reverberated gently,
augmented by the bold ring of a forging hammer as Scarlatti, the Great
Bard, and Phaestus, the Smith, appeared among the gathering gods. As the
sound faded, sudden chills washed over the planes and two shadowy forms
appeared upon the field of battle: Twilight, God of Darkness, and Thoth,
Lord of the Dead. Nodding solemnly to each other, they moved apart and
took up their own positions.

Last, a chorus of daemonic howls rose from the Inferno as Sartan, the
Malevolent took his place among the gods. His appearance drew wary
glances from his brethren, but all remained in place, allowing him to
join the unified force. The Pantheon was assembled.

Caustic laughter uttered from Bal'met as the gods surrounded him, and he
threw up his arms. The oily smoke billowing beneath his terrible form
churned and rose, twisting into horrifying reflections of himself,
identical in every way. With baleful intent the reflections spread out,
and Bal'met moved among them, milling about and roaring with laughter
until none could determine which was real.

Undaunted, Aegis swung his axe forward in command, and his voice
resounded like thunder. "To battle!"

The skies flashed and rumbled as the gods unleashed powerful attacks of
might and magic, striking out at the shadowy visions of Bal'met. As soon
as they vanished, more appeared, but the gods were relentless in their

Flickering across the firmament, the vision of a dark cave appeared
between the gaps in the fabric of reality, revealing Sarapis as he
laboured over the Fire Behind the Flame. Aeyr, God of Magic, guarded him
closely, looking into the distance with growing horror.

Giving a shout of surprise, Aeyr was suddenly overcome by a throng of
shadows, bestial minions sent by Bal'met. Holding them back as long as
he could, Aeyr swung at the distractions, sending some flying into the
outer reaches of the realms. But the god could not hold out forever.
With an enormous outpouring of energy, Aeyr released his full essence
across the multiverse, destroying himself forever, but slaying the
shadows in the blast.

Back upon Nishnatoba, the shadow-forms of Bal'met redoubled their
attacks. Six gathered closely around Oneiros, God of Peace, who had
raised a powerful barrier about himself. At last one dark shadow of
Bal'met succeeded in penetrating the shield, and as it collapsed, the
shadows of Bal'met tore the god apart, and Oneiros was consumed by the
fearsome god.

The fall of Oneiros spurred the other gods on. Valiantly they slashed
and struck at the shadows, working together to destroy the images of
Bal'met. As the gruesome likenesses fell to the gods, they drew nearer
and nearer to the true form of Bal'met. After long hours of battle, only
one image of the god was now encircled by the ring of encroaching

"You have managed the one thing that has never happened before,
Bal'met," shouted Aegis. "You have at last united all of the gods in a
single purpose: your defeat. Sartan cast you into Nishnatoba, intending
it to be a prison. Now it will be your grave!"

Furiously the gods began to hurl fire, lightning, and myriad magics
unknown to mortal apprehension. Igniting the skies and shaking the
planes, they acted with one accord to divert Bal'met from his terrible

Beautiful and awesome in her growing power, Aurora stood alone, unmoving
and focused. The Sword of Dunamis blazed in her hand, hungry fire
coursing down the blade's length. With murmured words Deucalion began to
direct the prayers of the faithful into a shining shield, standing
beside Aurora and protecting her with his arm extended. Nodding to
Deucalion, Aurora advanced.

Booming with laughter, Bal'met lashed out at the Lightbringer, cracking
whips of force that tore at her like seething whips of pure pain. Aurora
continued her assault, augmented by the unwavering attacks of the gods
that surrounded Bal'met, and Deucalion cried out in pain as he took his
bloodsworn's wounds upon himself.

"Aeon has foreseen your fall," thundered Aurora as she pressed onward.
"By our hands you will be unmade, and his vision will come to pass."

Drawing back the blazing Sword of Dunamis, Aurora lunged forward and
buried it into Bal'met, and a ghastly chorus of a thousand wailing
voices tore across the planes. Unforming and writhing upon the blade,
Bal'met clawed out at Aurora with devastating brutality, but she stood
fast, holding the hilt steady as her brethren strained, overcoming the
diminishing god with the strength of their combined powers.

Finally, with an ear-splitting cry that shook the foundations of every
plane, causing the seas to swell and the skies to weep tears, Bal'met
was finally forced to relinquish His grasp on reality. Held hostage by
the Sword of Dunamis, Bal'met perished in agony, utterly destroyed by
the magnified power of the Pantheon.

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Glacian, in the year 613 AF.