Fate of the Elemental Lord

Date: 12/19/2012 at 02:15
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Fate of the Elemental Lord

Long did the gods ponder the troubles of the world. How many months had
passed since the Flame of Yggdrasil had all but extinguished, leaving
mortals without the ability to immolate their fallen peers in the sacred
fire? That was only one of many growing concerns, as the immortals in
the Garden of the Gods found themselves growing weak and more
susceptible to mortal ends.

Time quakes plagued the world, so small as to be nearly unnoticeable by
more than one individual at a time, while larger earthquakes rocked the
realms from source beyond the gods' power. Mortals walking familiar
roads found themselves falling through the ether, recovering on the
opposite side of the continent. It was agreed that this must be a result
of the Fire Behind the Flame faltering.

The return of Aurora, the Lightbringer, brought hope that a solution
could be found. The simple plan Agatheis proposed seemed too easy, but
how could they not attempt it?

And so the world watched as, radiant as the sun, golden beams streaked
across the heavens. At their heart, Aurora, the Lightbringer appeared on
the firmament above the Pillars of Heaven. The space beside the Goddess
wavered and flickered as Agatheis, the Elemental Lord appeared.

Sweeping the Staff of the Elements through the space before them,
Agatheis whispered words in the ancient language of the divine. With a
sharp cry, he pierced the seal placed by Sartan over Nishnatoba.

Shuddering and cracking, reality tore apart at Agatheis' command, and an
opening spread wide before the two gods. Beyond stood the terrible
figure of Bal'met, furious and sinister, trapped upon the plane of
Nishnatoba, struggling in vain to cross through the portal.

"Aeon, in His boundless vision, has prepared this path for you,
Lightbringer," cried Agatheis. "There lies Your foe. Strike Him down!"

Holding aloft the Sword of Dunamis, Aurora steadied her feet, her
flawless form poised for a deadly strike. Swift and sure, the
Lightbringer thrust the legendary blade through the portal, impaling
Bal'met through the centre of his being.

Baleful and caustic, lightning slashed through the skies and savage
black clouds rolled with thunder as Bal'met howled in pain and rage.
Deafening shrieks of Dala'myrr pounded through the minds of mortals as
dozens of the great wyrms cried out from distant Nishnatoba.

Aurora's face glowed with the certainty of victory as she pushed the
Sword of Dunamis deeper into Bal'met, and the Devourer of Gods writhed
in torment upon the blade, his strength dwindling as the screams of
Dala'myrr rang out in a cacophonous riot.

Suddenly a swell of energy coursed through the dying god, and the
inimitable blaze of the Fire Behind the Flame surged within him. With a
shout of despair, Aurora was thrust backward from the portal, the Blade
of Dunamis still gripped in her hands. As she fell she became consumed
by a searing flame of pure ivory, disappearing from sight.

"This cannot be!" Agatheis shouted. "His ties to the Fire Behind the
Flame are too strong!"

After a moment's hesitation, the ancient blue eyes of the Master of
Elements turned hard with resolve. There was a way to sever Bal'met's
power over the Fire Behind the Flame, but it would be costly. Agatheis
readied his staff and advanced upon the portal, hurling himself through
to Nishnatoba and closing the way behind him with a deafening crack of

A moment later, all the world experienced a brief distortion of the
surroundings. The realm bent and shuddered, warping the senses while all
felt an abrupt change in the fabric of reality, as though some grip upon
the world had been released. Instantly the gods recognised that Agatheis
had succeeded... but there was no room for joy in this victory. Though
he had achieved what he set out to do, the Elemental Lord stood little
chance against the powerful Bal'met. Nevertheless, the god faced his
fate bravely; mere moments passed, and Agatheis was slain, overcome by
the terrible fury of Bal'met.

Penned by My hand on the 18th of Glacian, in the year 613 AF.