Honouring the God of Combat

Date: 12/08/2012 at 01:04
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Honouring the God of Combat

As the new year rolled over and the year 613 began, a group of warriors
gathered together outside the walls of the Matsuhama Arena in Delos.
There stood the renowned swordmaster Colbey, the mighty gladiatrix
Clynalia, the Tiger, and the members of the Delosian Guard. Mounted upon
a fierce gryphon with a shining lance in hand, Lady Lhadia, Knight of
the Sky stood beside Rean Moliuvia, both devotees of the fallen Lord of
Combat, their faces grim, still feeling the recent loss of their god.

"Before us stands the Matsuhama Arena, raised over four hundred years
ago in honour of the Lord of Combat," spoke Colbey with reverence.
"Treachery and dire circumstance have brought Lord Matsuhama to a
grievous end in this world. Now, more than ever, there is a need for
skilled warriors who exemplify the arts of combat in all forms."

Colbey continued to speak, announcing renovations and new terrain within
the arena, as well as the installation of a great dragon skeleton, a
gift that had previously rested in the Halls of Combat, the temple of
Matsuhama. The crowd nodded approvingly, their eagerness building as
they imagined the possibilities within.

As the swordmaster's speech concluded, Lhadia stepped forward, her
expression severe as her armour gleamed in the sunlight.

"In memorial to our fallen god," she began, "words cannot compare to the
sound of swords clashing and the hum of magic, when they come together
to glorify the art of combat." With a curt nod, the skyknight drew a
dagger of bronze from a sheathe at her belt, slicing swiftly through the
ceremonial crimson ribbon that barred entrance to the Matsuhama Arena,
re-opening it to the public.

"Honour the fallen God of Combat with bloodshed this day!" she cried.

Blood soaked the arena grounds as a rampage commenced within the newly
renovated arena. With keen interest Lhadia watched from the spectator
stands as warrior after warrior fell to the blows of skilled combatants.
Finally, only two competitors remained: Sir Tynil Jinx and Cooper
Ravenwind, who stood toe-to-toe upon the gritty sands of a sanguine

Skilfully Cooper landed blow after blow upon Tynil, his mastery of
Tekura evident, his hands stabbing like spears at his opponent. Gritting
his teeth and willing his pain out of existence, Cooper barely felt the
blows as Tynil struck back, crippling him with the poison-tipped blades
of his winged rapiers.

At last, the Runewarden gained the advantage. Besieged by Tynil's
wine-dark falcon, Cooper struggled to heal his damaged limbs, and Tynil
knelt to sketch a hugalaz rune upon the ground. Fist-sized hailstones
began to pour from above, battering Cooper's body, and he cried out in
agony as the effects of his kai-empowered numbness faded. Seizing the
moment, Tynil struck swiftly with his rapiers, and the monk fell to the
ground, defeated.

Lhadia bowed, presenting the triumphant knight with a gift of coveted
Mayan crowns, before raising her voice in exultation. "Hail to the
victor, Sir Tynil Jinx, who has honoured the fallen Lord of Combat this

"Glory to the Fallen!" echoed Rean in praise of Matsuhama. "Glory to the
Host! Glory to Immortality, to Legends, to Battle!"

Penned by My hand on the 3rd of Sarapin, in the year 613 AF.