The Death of Selene

Date: 11/20/2012 at 03:09
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Death of Selene

Deep within the Northreach, the god Lupus lay upon a stone bier, his
wounds deep and long-lasting. Long were the hours the Goddess of Love
and Beauty stood beside the Wild God of the Beasts as he rested within
the healing embrace of Sleep. Teardrops dripped from her eyes without
ceasing, her heartbreak evident to any who glimpsed her vigil within her
lover's temple.

On one such occasion she was joined by Greys Vorondil, a loyal and
devoted atavian who had long been dedicated to her Order. Searching for
a way to ease Selene's sorrow, he began to hum a tune. Low and soft, the
wordless melody became a song that echoed, familiar and haunting, amidst
the silent chamber.

If the goddess was comforted in even some small part by his music, Greys
would never know. A frigid breeze stirred the air, briefly igniting an
unnatural feeling of bitter hatred within him, a disturbing sensation
that ruffled his wingfeathers. Selene glanced suspiciously around at the
herself, moving closer to the slumbering form of Lupus with a troubled

At that moment entered a golden gryphon, the Lupine devotee Elianon
astride its regal back. Immediately Elianon dismounted as he glimpsed
Selene's perplexed expression, and all experienced an eerily quiet roll
of thunder that rumbled through the chamber, turning to acrid laughter
before fading away.

A long silence passed, and soon the menacing chuckle returned, heralding
the terrible figure of Bal'met slowly fading into view. The god's eyes
fixed upon Lupus as he slumbered, and Bal'met moved closer, intent on
finishing what had begun months earlier upon Krenindala.

Fury surged within the goddess as she leapt to her feet, placing herself
between Bal'met and the slumbering god. Still Bal'met advanced, looming
within the sanctum like a horrific shadow as Selene stared defiantly up
at him.

"No!" cried out Selene, "You cannot have him!"

As Bal'met moved to brush her aside, Selene lunged out, shoving him away
with all her might. As she made contact with the poisonous haze that
surrounded him, however, she recoiled with a gasp, looking down at her
hands in horror as they turned black as charred wood.

A seething hiss issued from Bal'met as he lashed out at Selene, flinging
her effortlessly across the chamber where she hit the wall and crumpled
to the floor. Turning slowly, Bal'met again laid his eyes upon Lupus as
he slept. Unhurriedly gliding across the space between, he peered at the
still face of the Wild God through the thick lattice of vines that
shrouded him.

In this time, the devoted followers of both Selene and Lupus continued
to gather at the temple. Powerless to attack the mighty god, they could
only watch with mingled terror and rage as Bal'met gave a hateful
chuckle and spreads his arms wide. Flames formed at his command,
whirling and spinning about beneath his will like two great orbs.

Bal'met hurled the orbs toward Lupus with a bold smirk, snarling with
chagrin as, forceful and swift, a blinding white light suffused the
chamber, turning Bal'met's own power back upon him. The skies above
Northreach burned with a lurid yellow hue as the blast radiated outward
from the bier, followed by a deafening boom.

The backlash of primordial power propelled Bal'met violently backwards,
and he threw back his head to release an ear-splitting bellow that shook
land, sea, and sky. As he howled, a movement on the opposite side of the
chamber drew attention to Selene, who had recovered her composure and
now stood, levelling the Crossbow of Heartbreak directly at Bal'met.

"Lupus is protected by My Love," she said, her voice unnaturally calm.
"That is far stronger than anything in Your miserable little arsenal."

Selene loosed an arrow with deadly precision, sending it to streak
through the air with a sharp whistle. The arrow struck true, piercing
Bal'met through and through, and he let out a snarl of pain before
rounding on the goddess.

Almost instantly Bal'met was at the side of the Goddess of Love and
Beauty, clasping her around the neck in his inescapable grasp.
Desperately Selene tried to break free, but the grip of Bal'met was far
too powerful. Slowly the layers of silk that shrouded her countenance
begin to blacken at his touch, turning to ash and crumbling away.

Layer by layer the silk fell away, a macabre unveiling as Selene
struggled in vain. Finally the last piece of silk crumbled, and her
achingly beautiful face was revealed. The lovely eyes of the goddess
turned to Lupus, shining with tears, her gaze lingering upon him even as
her immortal life was slowly claimed by Bal'met. Finally, with a soft
sigh, Selene closed her eyes and succumbed to her fate.

As the weight of what had happened sunk into the hearts of the mortals
standing near, Lupus shifted and growled in his sleep, but moments later
he was once again still, slumbering deeply upon the mossy bier. Leering
at his victory, the terrible, indistinct figure of Bal'met slowly faded
away, leaving behind only a dark, menacing chuckle.

Penned by My hand on the 23rd of Valnuary, in the year 611 AF.