Homeward Bound

Date: 10/27/2012 at 02:49
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Homeward Bound

Chieftain Krui,

These past days have been strenuous for our party, as we have watched
and waited within the far north. The Tsol'dasi of this jungle city have
been accommodating to us, despite their wariness toward strangers, and
though they have strong knowledge of magic, they have been unable to
assist with our disease. Consequently, my guardians and I have resolved
to return to Prin, since our original business of seeking out the
Oracle's vision has concluded. We set out early this morning and were
able to post this letter from Delos, the bustling city where we were
able to replenish our supplies. No doubt the letter will arrive in Prin
before our ship, but we should be only a few days behind it.

There are a few other things I should mention. Small embers are being
found in the aftermath of the white dragon's death, highly coveted by
the people of the mainland. They are not merely smouldering coals, of
course... I am told they burn with heatless primal fire, something deep
and mystical, and they grant unusual powers to those who bear them. Take
heed, however. The dreaded ormyrr I mentioned in my previous letters are
in search of these embers as well. We have not encountered any
ourselves, but we have heard tales of their ruthless greed for these
embers; they have no qualms about murder to achieve this end. Squads of
these ormyrr have been sighted all over the mainland, and I can only
hope they do not journey to Prin.

My contacts have also reported that, from time to time, the Flame of
Yggdrasil has been sputtering and waning. It still burns within the
world tree, but some are having trouble successfully immolating bodies
for resurrection. More troubling, it seems that some of the brave
adventurers who periodically undergo the Trial of Rebirth... are not
reborn in the Flame as expected, but perish as charred corpses! Please
do what you can to prevent the youth of Prin from setting out on this
dangerous path.

Urandesea, Guardian of the Oracle

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Lupar, in the year 609 AF.