The Death of Ashaxei

Date: 10/24/2012 at 05:34
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Death of Ashaxei

On the distant world of Krenindala, the voices of ormyrr clamoured as
one, incited to a riotous frenzy as the Dala'myrr moved beneath their
feet. The ground shuddered as the great wyrms drew closer to their

Moments later, amidst the frozen tundra, a portal, solitary and
unguarded, swelled as a trio of gargantuan, armoured creatures burst
forth into our world. Moving in unison, the three behemoths took to the
skies, swimming southward through the air with sinuous grace. As they
neared the Granite Hills, the monstrous trio dove into the earth,
vanishing beneath the rock, leaving not a trace of their passage.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in the mountain village of Caer Witrin, a humble atavian
stood ready to accept an extraordinary gift from the white dragon,

At her side stood Han-Tolneth, the Dragonmaster, who shifted
uncomfortably at the unfamiliar sight upon the northern horizon. Still,
he remained respectfully silent as Ashaxei continued, imparting wise
words to Vincenzio Vallah Le'Murzen.

A coruscating nimbus of power surrounded Ashaxei, at first brilliant
white, then shifting to inky black as it began to wash over Vincenzio,
pouring into his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears with a deafening roar as he
was imbued with the powers of a greater dragon.

Ashaxei unfurled her wings, rising up to her full height and towering
over the surroundings as she spoke: "It is done. I welcome you to my
brood, Vincenzio."

No sooner had the words left the mouth of the dragon when, without
preamble, a massive, multi-segmented creature erupted from beneath
Ashaxei, tossing her into the heavens like a rag doll. Shrieking in
triumph, the Dala'myrr launched itself skyward in pursuit, followed by
two more of its kin.

In horror did those upon the ground watch as the distance closed between
the Dala'myrr and the disoriented dragon. The first caught up to Ashaxei
and ripped into her hindquarters, severing her right limb and sending a
sheet of crimson blood raining down from the sky.

Roaring in pain, Ashaxei redoubled her efforts, gaining distance and
altitude against her foes. A wave of concussive power tore through the
firmament as she reared back and unleashed her ferocious breath, but the
wyrms swerved clear of the blast and countered with their own.

Clouds of acidic gas tore toward Ashaxei, boiling away the delicate
membranes of her wings as she struggled to remain aloft. Tearing open
the Veil Extant, she made a final, desperate attempt to flee, but before
the white dragon could pass between the worlds she was overcome by a
Dala'myrr, who impaled her upon a razor sharp mandible. Roaring in
triumph, the wyrms circled in the skies, tossing Ashaxei's broken body
away and disappearing in the firmament.

Stunned, the world continued to watch as the lifeless white dragon fell
toward the earth like a meteor, trailing scales that burned red-hot as
she plummeted toward the Mhojave Desert and the unsuspecting settlement
of El'Jazira. In a moment of terrible finality, the dragon landed in the
desert's heart, sending forth a powerful explosion that drove a plume of
sand and glowing embers high into the air, raining down like hot tears
for the tragic passing of one of history's greatest legends.

Penned by My hand on the 3rd of Ero, in the year 609 AF.