Origin of the Xoran

Date: 10/12/2012 at 06:39
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Origin of the Xoran

Chieftain Krui,

I write to you filled both with horror and with awe. A magical portal
has been discovered in the far north, only a short distance west of this
place called Hthrak. It leads to some world that is somehow apart from
ours, and it is from there that these distant xoran kin must have
emerged. But it is a gruesome place of death: a burial chamber filled
with thousands of the dead. Even now the bodies are being dragged away
from the most massive pile, in hopes of unblocking what appears to be a
tunnel, so that we may exit the underground.

Enclosed you will find a copy of the writings discovered among the dead.
It appears to be sacred to the xoran here... and all signs indicate that
the words, if they hold truth, document the origins of our race.

Urandesea, Guardian of the Oracle

~ ~ ~

14th of Scarlatan, year 314 of the Calliston calendar

Things are going to get rocky I think. Sahart and Glanos seem to have
both fallen for Enalia and despite the best advice from Carme and
myself, they seem bound and determined to both dock at her port. It
can't end well.

17th of Scarlatan, year 314 of the Calliston calendar

By the rape of Maya this is almost too much! The last six new places
I've found to open portals to have been either dead worlds as far as I
could tell, or were completely uninhabitable. Last night I found
somewhere that burned my hand, as if with acid or noxious venom, as soon
as I stuck my hand through the edges. It's still raw, offensive to look
at, and aches.

I will find Lysithea, but I quail to think of how many years or decades
of searching it may take me.

24th of Scarlatan, year 314 of the Calliston calendar

I think I've found a promising new world. I opened a portal through
briefly today and after a stick survived being thrust through and
brought back without damage, I risked my right hand. With direst
caution, I then put my head through to see what I could see. What I saw
could have been part of our world. The air looked clear and felt cool. I
took a small experimental breath and quickly withdrew in case the
atmosphere was unbreathable and caused me to lose consciousness.
Nothing! If breathing the air there is dangerous, I've not felt the
effects of it yet. I pray that nothing pernicious has lodged itself in
my lungs.

Seeing as the portal appeared to be over solid ground, I put my head
through again, looked around, and stepped out. Life everywhere! Plants,
things that are perhaps the equivalent of our trees, small creatures
like insects, creatures soaring in the sky.

But the differences! I approached what appeared to be a sturdy oak, only
to find its branches swaying independently of any wind, as if they were
supple and alive. The birds in the skies appeared to lack feathers, and
looked more like bats than birds, though without hair.

I saw something like a bee, which, upon flying up to me, showed me that
it was nothing like a bee. Instead of insectoid, it looked like a tiny,
hairy vole with heavily-bristled wings. Something large moved under the
surface of the lake, but I saw only a blast of air and triple fins
pierce the surface.

And what I can only call snakes and lizards were everywhere! Tiny snakes
darted into holes in the ground in advance of my approach everywhere.
Lizards climbed trees and camouflaged themselves on the trunks and in
the highest reaches of the branches, but they often had more legs than
the reptiles we're accustomed to seeing. I swear I saw one "lizard" that
must have had dozens of legs, like a centipede.

As I wandered around the immediate area, careful to always keep my exit
home in sight, I found a trail developed enough and wide enough that, in
our world at least, would only be made by intelligent beings.

Seeing this, I became very nervous If there were intelligent species
here, they were potentially close-by. If I encountered any, it's
impossible to know what their reaction or disposition towards me might
be. It was time to leave, so exited through the portal.

But I'll be back.

2nd of Eron, year 314 of the Calliston calendar

I'm exhausted. I opened four portals today to the world I found three
days ago. Nothing. Every one opened either in solid rock and soil, or
underwater. Tomorrow, I'm going to rest and have a talk with Enalia
about the boys.

2nd day of Captivity

They were waiting for me. I don't know how.

5th day of Captivity

It was on the 4th of Eron that I opened a door to this accursed world
again. This time, Himalia and Ledo were with me, for I feared to
encounter the natives of this new world alone. I opened the portal using
the piece of the sceptre as they watched, and a heartbeat later I was
violently yanked through it. My concentration was disrupted and the
portal closed before Himalia or Ledo could do anything.

Oh no no, not again. The scaly bastards are coming for me again. Gods
help me.

8th day of Captivity

They took everything from me but my journal, which is bound to me and
spelled to hide itself from prying eyes. That spell was meant to allow
me to keep my private thoughts private from even Carme, and it is all I
have left. I must write with my own fingernails, wetted with my own

13th day of Captivity

They keep me locked in here, in the dark. They've tortured me, but I
can't understand what they're saying. I don't know why they're doing
this, but I'm not sure if I can stand much more of this. I live naked,
in my own shit and urine, chained to the floor. Infected sores from
lying in filth cover my legs and backside. When I breathe, it feels like
someone's jabbing a dagger in my insides, so I think I have a broken
rib, and I hurt all over. Last night I was startled awake by one of the
vermin I occasionally spy. It was gnawing on my calf.

I'm starving. I've had nothing but water since I was captured.

I miss Carme so much. Why was finding Lysithea so important to me?

16th day of Captivity

One of the bigger scaly bastards came to me today. He had a light of
some kind with him, and he just stood in my cell looking down at me. He
was huge - at least seven feet tall, and strong-looking. I screamed and
cried, I spit and hurled threats. I begged.

It made no difference. He turned, put out the light, and walked out.

18th day of Captivity

The hunger broke me today. When one of the vermin came to feed on me, I
crushed killed it with my chain and ate it. It was like a lizard with
bristly hair. I could swallow only two bites before I began to retch.

22nd day of Captivity

If I could will myself to die, I would without a thought. I thought I
knew what it was to be filthy, but now I know what it is to be wholly
unclean. They were inside of me, around me, watching me until they
finished. I could feel their dry scaly skin rubbing on mine as their
disgusting tongues flicked in and out in rhythm to their movements.

Please, by all the Gods, someone help me.

24th day of Captivity

Yesterday I was moved. They came to my cell and I'm not proud to say
that my bowels voided themselves when I saw them in the doorway. I've
never known terror like this in my life.

But they weren't here to do that again, thank Maya. They just watched me
while one of them appeared to cast a spell - at the least, his reptilian
eyes shut and he looked to be chanting something.

Date Unknown - Estimated 2 months since capture

I don't know how long it's been since I wrote. The only contact I have
is at feeding time at least they feed me now, though it's always raw
meat. I can hold it down now, but at first the pain from the stomach
cramps was worse than anything I've ever endured.

Date Unknown - Maybe five months since capture

By the mother. Something is alive inside me. I can feel it moving. I
think I'm pregnant.

Date Unknown - 8 months since capture

They come to me every day and examine me like a piece of meat. This
thing inside of me must mean something to them. I want it to die. I want
anything that will deny my captors something they want. I would slay
them and everything they love, everything they've ever cared about,
everything their eyes have ever touched if I could.

Date Unknown - 9 months since capture

I gave birth yesterday. Six of them. Small, scaly, and blind. I don't
know what to feel. I'm not sure if I'm glad I survived it. With the
amount of blood on the floor, I'm surprised I did.

I had planned to kill them if I lived through the birth... but I can't.
I can't kill them anymore than I could have left Glanos to die of
exposure when he was born a sickly child.

They're mine.

Date Unknown - 2 months after giving birth

It's incredible how quickly they grow. Their eyes opened today. It's
even more incredible that I can produce any milk for them. I haven't
seen a mirror since I was kidnapped to this place, wherever it is, but
I'm so emaciated it's a wonder that they get anything when they suckle.

The scaly bastards visit me less often now, but they pay me almost no
attention. They're intent on examining my children though. Every time
they touch one I want to rip out the Bastard's throat. Get your hands
off my children, you damned dirty lizards.

Date Unknown - 6 months after giving birth

I can't believe it. The one I call Sinlana spoke today. She called me
mommy. I cried and cried when she did that. It was the greatest moment
of joy I've experienced since being taken here.

Date Unknown - 10 months after giving birth

Their development is much faster than a human's. Only maybe 10 months
old and they're putting together complete sentences and asking
questions. Today, little Ashti asked me what's on the other side of the
door. I wept when I told him I didn't know.

My world has become so small.

Date Unknown - 12 months after giving birth

They came to me today. Five of them. Two of the really big ones and
three of the others. They took my babies. All of them. Sinlana, Ashti,
Ledon, Crensa, Onolor, and Gema. I hurled my own excrement at the
bastards and one of them hit me so hard I blacked out. They must have
beat me while I was unconscious because I hurt all over.

Date Unknown - 12 months after giving birth

I've been coughing up blood today. I think something's broken inside me.

Date Unknown - 12 months after giving birth

They've brought me no food and no water for three days. Whether my
internal injuries kill me before dehydration does is an ongoing debate
between the voices I hear while I lie here, alone, in the dark.

One more day, maybe two. It's not how I thought to end my life. Is my
love looking for me? Will he ever know what happened to me?

What are the bastards doing with my children?

Date Unknown - 12 months after giving birth

My children, I know you'll never read this, but as I die quietly,
surrounded by nothing but inky blackness, I hope to talk to you anyway.

My mother and my father were like you - born of violence. A new race,
never seen before. Brave and intrepid, they were able to forge a life
for themselves despite having no forebears that faced an existence like
theirs. Their names were Callisto and Sinope, and they were the bravest
people I've ever known barring possibly my grandmother, Maya.

I can't even begin to predict what your lives will be like. I don't know
why the bastards bred me or why they took you.but I know that you're
free as long as you don't let your mind be chained.

Be strong. Be free.

And by the power of Ayar, avenge me. Avenge me!

Date Unknown - 12 months after birth

What do the triggerfish sing of when the suns dance?

Blackened soul brings thoughts of a distant trance,

founded by my love in life's lovely plan.

Loss is rendered joy and recedes in the memories of Man.

My children, my children, the future is cold, so do not fail.

Grant yourselves the freedom to savour

the wonders that lie beyond the Veil.

Letters from Broodfellow C'nop, 304 years AD


We must us all remember the speaks of Elara and keep them from the
Ormyrr. By the luck only we found the Book. Learn it but keep it secret.

The Bastards must never find it.

Letters from Broodfellow C'nop, 309 AD


Found and put to the pain was Broodfellow As'ti. We do not believe think
she the gave the location where meet happens.

Letters from Broodfellow C'nop, 313 AD


The speak of Elara reminds us to ever seek freedom. Our minds are free.

Reflections on Elara IV, by Broodprophet Pha'las, 1472 AD

Her Glory not does free us from the dark chains of the Ormyrr. The will
of the Brood will free us. But it is Her courage that grants us

Elara bless us all.

Reflections on Elara XII, by Broodprophet Pha'las, 1486 AD

Tails and eyesuns, both in a row, bringing solace and grey powers

to Krenindala and its Dala'myrr-wrought pale tower.

Elara's Transcendence, Book 1, Verse 4, by Broodprophet E'lana, 3702 AD

Great is the test faith of our Mother. The alien God reeks of betrayal.
Half of the Brood takes he, promising false power, his eyes of dusk
lying with glances all.

Elara's Transcendence, Book 3, Verse 6, by Broodprophet E'lana, 3703 AD

The dusk God has stolen our Broodfellows. The Ormyrr show contempt they
have for the Brood. Half our people. Gone dead. Murdered.

But Ormyrr are deceived by the dusk.

Legacy of the Mother, part 2 - Broodwarrior An'irith, 3704 AD

We met Ormyrr the on the plains near the Falls of Thim. In the centre
the Brood held and off the field driven were the Bastards.

Legacy of the Mother, part 5 - Broodwarrior An'irith, 3704 AD

No appetite do I have. Ash is my food and my battlesmell is broken.

Legacy of the Mother, part 7 - Broodwarior An'irith, 3704 AD

I am sick. Scales of mine fall off and I am tired so much. Many others
died have.

Elara save this Broodself and Broodfellows.

Penned by My hand on the 4th of Valnuary, in the year 608 AF.