The Rhodestrian Settlement

Date: 10/04/2012 at 11:58
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Rhodestrian Settlement

It was an average, sunny day in the Southern Vashnar mountain range. The
air was cool and crisp, the wildlife contentedly roaming amid the
snow-clad mountain pathways. Nimbly making her way from one rock to
another was a young girl, her face bright with a smile as she explored
deep into the heart of the mountains. She hummed as she clambered across
the rocks, reaching one of the many hidden overlooks, where she would
spend her day looking down upon the unaware travellers, assessing each
and every one. As the shadows began to lengthen, so did her eyes start
to droop until, with one last deep breath of fresh mountain air, she
descended and started home.

At that moment, as she sauntered confidently along the path, the girl
felt the first vibration in the earth beneath her feet. Loud cracks
splintered the air, and the wildlife around her took flight, racing away
from the scene of the disturbance. With a gasp, she began to run, heart
pounding and stomach churning as she desperately fled toward the hidden
entrance to her home. The thundering roar of falling rocks accompanied
her own shrill screams as, skidding to a stop, she realised with despair
that her escape route had been blocked. Ahead lay a massive pile of
debris from the recent rockslide.

Choking back a sob, the girl stood alongside the pile of debris,
pondering her next move. She was not alone for long. The arrival of two
strangers sent shivers of dread down her spine. Oh, she was going to be
in so much trouble now...

Bravely facing Cooper Ravenwind and Silas Maynard, she dodged questions
regarding her identity, and the whereabouts of her home. Soon, a crowd
had gathered around the young girl. Her heart sank further. This was not
good. How was she going to get home without giving away the hidden
entrance? Worse, how could she hope to clear the debris away enough to
enter the cavern? Finally, she sighed. Indicating the pile of fallen
rocks, she admitted that her home lay beyond them.

The young girl stood back and watched Oceana Dawyn lead the attempt to
remove the rocks and debris. Aided by Treebeard, Zenui, Spraeth,
Aislynn, Askiva, and Antonius, Oceana finally cleared the last of the
debris, and the entrance to the Rhodestrian Settlement was uncovered.

Still hoping that her part in the settlement's discovery might remain
untold, the young girl continued to avoid personal questions from the
strangers. Just as she finally began to relax, however, a familiar voice
pierced her hearing.

With a swift thank you and goodbye, the young girl trudged homewards
under the watchful glare of her mother. Looks like I won't be exploring
the mountains again for a very long time, she thought to herself.

In this way was the Rhodestrian Settlement brought out of hiding and
into the public eye. Venture there at your own risk, for a warm welcome
is rare among its wary inhabitants.

Penned by My hand on the 5th of Glacian, in the year 607 AF.