New Discoveries!

Date: 06/27/2012 at 07:59
From: Anonymous
To : The Fellowship of Explorers
Subj: New Discoveries!

You read what is written on a crisp ivory letter:

To the general membership of the Fellowship of Explorers,

By now, rumour has likely spread to you about the remarkable discoveries
made upon Meropis this past month! What we thought to be the find of the
century, the Keep at Nicator's Crossing, appears to be only the tip of
an immense iceberg of exploration!

Among a number of historical artefacts recovered at the keep was a map
depicting the southern region of the Seleucarian Empire at its height of
power. Though the geography differs greatly from what we now know as the
separate continent of Meropis, there are enough similarities that it has
already guided explorers to areas long forgotten in our modern age.

With the aid of this map, our esteemed Achaean Ranger, Delphinus
Windancer, was able to find a navigable route south through the
unexplored central section of the Vasnari mountain range. Therein lies
the headwaters of the Mnemosyne River, which in turn leads out of the
mountains and into a vast swamp, beyond which is... well, you will just
have to see for yourself! Stian reports several other routes leading out
of the central Vasnaris as well, for those of you who do not relish the
thought of splashing down a mountain river into unknown territory.

While I have returned to New Thera to manage the inn with Brenn, Stian
and a party of explorers remain in the south, and have established a
base camp along the Coastal Highway, just east of the Mnemosyne near the
river delta. Ships have begun transporting supplies to the small cove
nearby, though we encourage you to purchase necessities locally to show
we explorers are a friendly sort. Some of the fortresses along the
highway, for instance, are reported to be quite wary of outsiders and,
unfortunately, show no signs of opening their gates any time soon. But
many other settlements appear to be quite welcoming, and the letters I
have received about our organisation's findings are truly extraordinary!
Dare I even begin to describe my excitement at hearing about Iocun's
climb to the top of Judgement Mountain? There is not enough parchment in
the world!

I will leave you with a word of caution: please do be careful when
travelling south. The inhabitants of Meropis seem to be stronger and, in
many cases, more vicious than those we are more familiar with on
Sapience. Paine Saer'ac reports that the swamp is particularly
dangerous, and if you don't believe that coming from an heir of
Ashaxei's legacy, I certainly don't know how else to convince you!

Yours in the pursuit of new horizons,

P.S. I have been asked to note that Lara, an archivist from the
Lucretian Athenaeum, is collecting various books and documents for some
history research she is undertaking. Any finds brought to her would be
very appreciated - she can be found at the explorers' base camp as well.

Penned by My hand on the 2nd of Mayan, in the year 599 AF.