The Gulf of Nilakantha

Date: 02/18/2012 at 04:12
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Gulf of Nilakantha

It was early in the month of Valnuary when a scream broke the monotonous
procession of visions experienced by those attuned to the realm of
Death. Sensing a high number of deaths in the usually placid waters of
the Gulf of Nilakantha, Captain Mista of the windcutter "Deliverance"
quickly enlisted the help of crewmate Jacen D'Ischai and made sail for

Upon entering the broad gulf, the crew spotted an enormous septacean
circling in the waters. The creature noticed the windcutter as well, and
soon began to attack its sails with fervour. Nimbly loading a wardisc
into her ship's Arcanian arm, Mista began firing shots at the monster
while Jacen manned the helm. Several discs hit home and blood filled the
water, when suddenly the injured septacean dove beneath the surface. The
waves calmed in its wake, not a single sign of the creature to be seen.

After docking at the harbour in the small village of Orilla, the
seafarers spoke to a village elder, who told of a fearsome creature
terrorising the gulf waters. They deduced that the creature must have
been raised from the depths of the Sea of Screamed Prayers more than a
decade ago, and now made its home in the gulf, preying upon passing

Undaunted, Mista pondered how to better reach the septacean, which now
eluded ships upon the ocean's surface. With the elder's help, she and
the small party of Kresslack, Hyperlith, Penwize, Sryn, and Tahquil
found a safe point at which to swim directly into the gulf, facing the
stinging tentacles of jellyfish and the ferocious teeth of hammerhead
sharks before venturing into septacean's lair.

The wounded septacean fought wildly but was no match for the group, who
triumphantly returned to shore as heroes to the villagers of Orilla. All
seemed right with the world again... but as sunset fell over the
peaceful village, new creatures began to stalk the waters where the
heroes had so recently hunted...

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Valnuary, in the year 589 AF.