Promotion Update

Date: 10/21/2017 at 00:57
From: Nicola
To : Everyone
Subj: Promotion Update

Some of you have been frustrated with the current promotion, and for that we're sorry. Luck-based endeavours can often sour those playing, even when the odds are in your favour. While this was not intended to be a Mayaween trick, we have a treat in store for all who have played so far (and going forward)!

For every 10 pieces of a talisman set purchased, we're going to give you a free talisman piece, this piece is guaranteed to be of decent value (higher than minimum). For every 10 random talisman caches purchased, we'll give a free cache in this case too.

If you've already purchased pieces or random caches this month, we've retroactively applied this to you, so keep an eye on those talisman lists and inventories.

The numbers have been updated for everyone, and any future purchases of talisman pieces or caches this month will also enjoy the free piece/cache for every 10 pieces/caches purchased so head over to to get yours before November rolls around!


Penned by My hand on the 7th of Mayan, in the year 754 AF.