April Promotions

Date: 04/01/2014 at 02:04
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: April Promotions

Due to the late additions, and the many pleading requests, I'm pleased to announce that we're extending our current talisman promotion until the 15th...

... with a couple of small changes! You'll still get one talisman piece for every 100 credits purchased, but you'll now additionally get a Mayan Crown at every 500 credit threshold (instead of bonus talismans)! To go along with this, we've introduced the first batch of new Shop of Wonders wares!

A bloodsteel chain (5mc)
A chain of burnished gold (5mc)
A chain of black iron (5mc)
Wearing one of these chains will increase the amount of life essence (bloodsteel), devotion (burnished gold) and karma (black iron) that the owner recovers. This effect applies to the daily recovery of life essence and devotion (assuming you're in the realms) and karma obtained from studying a karmic item.

A mound of glistening snow (2mc)
Always looking for your next snowball fight, but found that you can never find snow in when you want it? Look no further - simply drop this mound of snow in the room and you'll find you can arm yourself with up to 12 snowballs. Syntax: PACK SNOWBALL

A grisly carving knife (6mc)
This gruesome tool is perfect for fine slicing actions. This knife will allow you to SLICE EAR FROM <DECAPITATED HEAD> to create a keepsake of your kill. I hear they make a great addition to any necklace or charm bracelet.

We've bucked tradition here and are holding off discontinuing some of the wares until a week from today, so if there's anything there that you're really wanting, get in quick before it's gone!

As a final recap, here are the current talismans available during this promotion. Don't forget, they will be discontinued as of April 15!

A Miniature Golden Window
When you OPEN WINDOW a scene from Achaea's history will be projected into the room.

A Mantle of Himalia
The owner can PLACE MANTLE ON FIGUREHEAD while standing in the room with the mounted figurehead. It will use up the mantle and will make the figurehead non-decay and resetting.

A Scintillating Icicle
This icicle can be shattered on the ground, freezing it. It will reset to you in one Achaean day. SMASH ICICLE ON GROUND.

An Ormyrr Skull Helmet
Hewn from the neck of a Krenindalan invader, this skull has been modified into a wearable helmet which will strike fear in the heart of the most fearsome opponent.

A Disc of Mirrored Obsidian
Why let those special occasions live on only in your memory? With this interesting trinket, one may create a frozen, properly coloured image of a room, an adventurer, a denizen, or a a thing. It requires an elemental ice to function, which will be used up. Simply POINT DISC AT ROOM|<player>|<denizen>|<thing> [EXCLUDE ME]. By including the EXCLUDE ME when pointed at the room you're in, you, the image creator, will be left out of the image.

A Votive of Remembrance
In the Siroccian Mountains lies the Memorial to the Fallen Gods, honouring those deities who perished in the war against Bal'met, the Worldreaver. By lighting this votive (LIGHT VOTIVE) in the room dedicated to the memory of a particular God, you will store a bit of the memory of that God in your votive. Simply drop the lit votive in a room, and it will begin casting scenes of the Gods whose memories are stored within the votive. To clear the memories of the Gods out of your votive, LIGHT VOTIVE in the room with the ever-burning flame in the memorial.

A Clouded Glass Lily
By dropping the lily, inspired by the lilies used in the Landmarking that ended several hundred years ago, you will get a short-term boost or hinderance to critical hit severity. Getting a boost is more likely than being hindered.

A Shar'ilian Whisperstone
The magi of the famed and now lost islands of Shar'ilian produced these Whisperstones long ago. By doing TOUCH STONE TO GROUND the owner of the stone will hear all talking in the room as if he or she was there. This can be done about once per Achaean day, and the effect lasts a similar length of time.

A hellcat (from Minia!)
A mongoose (from Zanzibaar)
An ozhera chick (from the wastelands around the vents of Hthrak)
A polka-dotted turtle (reminiscent of the old turtles that roamed Eris's temple)
Four adorable minipets closely linked to Achaean's rich history!