Queueing, Captains, Pipes, and Prosperity

Date: 03/27/2014 at 17:48
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: Queueing, Captains, Pipes, and Prosperity

Some more tweaks and changes stemming from the IDEA list have just been added!

* Captains will now be notified via message (if not in the realms) or notification (if they are) when a ship they are captaining is sunk.

* LIGHT PIPES will now light all filled pipes in your inventory that aren't already lit (and require lighting).

* The QUEUE command was added, allowing for manual manipulation of the server-side queueing system.

* Numerous abilities have been tweaked to work more seamlessly with the queuing system.

Penned by My hand on the 24th of Glacian, in the year 650 AF.