Year 650 Tumbleraces

Date: 03/25/2014 at 04:01
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: Year 650 Tumbleraces

Heading into the last event of the Year 650 Championships, things looked pretty wrapped up for Iakimen, holding a 12 point lead - all that was required was a single point in the Tumblerace to secure the Staff of Nicator. As the appointed hour chimed across Sapience, the participants joined the event and eagerly waited at North of New Thera for the event to start, but this was not your father's Tumblerace! The Garden unveiled some new twists on this age-old game to keep it relevant in modern times, with a new format of determining the end location, as well as the ability for adventurers to hinder their opponents with webbing to slow down their movements.

Three races were held, resulting in a dead heat for the top spot between Jarrod and Kafziel. To break the deadlock, a fourth race was called and the adventurers raced to the Garden of the Gods as their final destination, with Jhui taking the line honours. Knowing this would only give him the second place overall, Jhui's citymate, Jarrod, sacrificed his own standings in the event and the championship for his brother-in-arms, giving Jhui the overall win and bringing him up to tie for first place! What does this mean for the Staff of Nicator? You'll have to wait and see!

At the end of the four races, the scores were:
#1 Jhui
#2 Kross and Dunn
#4 Tesha and Kafziel
#6 Kaitali
#7 Nim Melodie and Nimala
#9 Jurixe and Josoul

Bringing our overall championship leaderboard to:

#1 Iakimen and Jhui (44 points)
#3 Kafziel (26 points)
#4 Tesha and Dunn (20 points)
#6 Josoul (13 points)
#7 Rom (12 points)
#8 Jurixe (11 points)
#9 Jarrod and Kross (10 points)
#11 Proficy ( 9 points)
#12 Ruth (8.5 points)
#13 Kaden and Hasar ( 8 points)
#15 Exelethril, Lothiac, Nimala, and Kellonius
( 6 points)
#19 Zephyros ( 5 points)
#20 Florentino and Kaitali ( 4 points)
#22 Sabah, Mephaos, Nim, and Melodie
( 3 points)
#26 Sobriquet, Minxie, and Leviticus
( 2 points)
#29 Kazu ( 1 point )
#30 Santar, Halos, Eld, Xer, and Verily
(0.5 points)

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Phaestian, in the year 650 AF.